Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Someone Has to Do It

by Naomi Lundverg from the Threadville Mystery series by Janet Bolin

They say I fret too much. I worry about being late for an appointment or a flight. I’m afraid I’ll cook the roast too much or the chicken not enough. I’m afraid I’ll forget the cookies and turn them into charcoal. I’m afraid I’ll cut all of the pieces of the quilt incorrectly, and waste fabric and have to start over. Actually, that last one doesn’t worry me as much as maybe it should. I own Batty About Quilts in Threadville, and I can always find creative ways to use fabric scraps...

Mostly, I worry abut people, Haylee and her best friend Willow, specifically.  Haylee owns Threadville’s fabric shop, and Willow owns Threadville’s machine embroidery shop. Both of them are superb at nearly everything they undertake, including, unfortunately, getting into trouble.

Both Haylee, whom I helped raise, and Willow seem like daughters to me. And those two keep poking their noses where they shouldn’t.

Okay, I understand why, when Willow was suspected of murder, she had to prove she didn’t do it. How could anyone believe such a thing of her, anyway? And I understand, sort of, why when one of her top-of-the-line sewing and embroidery machines was blamed for a death, she had to clear its name, and her shop’s name.

But even when they try not to involve themselves in an investigation, they somehow end up in the thick of it, and in danger, besides. Sometimes they act like they were only trying to keep me and Haylee’s other two mothers out of mischief. Right. How could I get into mischief when I’m always concerned about how much worse a situation can become?

Okay, you’re right. I do try to help Haylee and Willow every way I can, and so do my best friends, who own the yarn and the notions shops in Threadville. And we’ve been known to get into trouble of our own

But that doesn’t mean I never picture worst-case-scenarios.

What about you? Do you go through life expecting things to work out by themselves, or do you try to make things better?

You can read about Willow, with a little help from her friends, solves a murder in the latest Threadville Mystery, THREAD AND BURIED, available from these booksellers. Read the first chapter here.

Janet Bolin’s first Threadville Mystery, DIRE THREADS, was nominated for both an Agatha Award for Best First novel and for the 2012 Bony Blithe Award. The second in the series, THREADED FOR TROUBLE, was nominated for the 2013 Bony Blithe Award.

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And keep your eyes open for information about the fourth Threadville Mystery, coming in about eleven months (but who’s counting?)


  1. I have read the previous two Threadville mysteries and am reading Thread and Buried now. I have enjoyed this series.

  2. Thank you, Dianne! Two more books are in the works...

  3. I do try to make things better for others, but often things will work themselves out.