Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Don't Go Breaking My Heart...Please

by Josh Ingle from THREAD END, by Amanda Lee

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, right? But here I am dying to ask out this girl Kelly, and she acts like she doesn't even notice me. I say she acts like she doesn't notice me because I know she does. I'd go as far as to say that she even likes me too, but she won't admit it.

Here's the deal. I dated Kelly's sister...but only a time or two! We just didn't click. But when I was dating the sister, I noticed Kelly. Ah, the girl of my dreams! So I asked her out. She gave me a flat-out no.

And it wasn't a no like, "Sorry I have other plans that evening." It was a no like "I'm washing my hair then...and every other night you might want to go out." What's up with that? I can plainly see that she likes me; and I know that if I hadn't taken her sister out first, Kelly would've gone out with me.

I've made friends with the young woman who owns the embroidery shop--Marcy Singer. I talked with her about it, and she feels bad for me. I've kinda fallen on hard times.

I mean, not only will Kelly not give me the time of day, I'm worried that the recent theft of the museum will cost me my job. Most people basically feel that I got the job because my uncle is on the board of directors. And while there might be some truth in that, I'm pretty good at what I do. Maybe not as good as that know-it-all old guy, Professor Vandehey, who came into the museum and told me things about my own exhibits that I never knew, but I'm still pretty good.

As for Kelly, Marcy said she'll talk with her and see if she can make her come around. Marcy thinks that it would do Kelly a world of good to simply clear the air with her sister. If the sister will tell Kelly it's all right with her if we go out, maybe Kelly will give me a chance.

Gee, why do you women make it so hard on a guy? We know we probably don't deserve you, but won't you give us the opportunity to at least try to make you happy?

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