Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just the Two of Us, and Another Body

By Special Agent James Morrison of the Philadelphia FBI office, from Sheila Connolly’s Razing the Dead (Museum Mysteries #5)

Coming June 4th, 2014
The FBI is not pleased when their agents start appearing in the press (and I should be careful about what I say here), especially in regard to matters that do not directly involve the FBI. Therefore my higher-ups are not happy with me, because as long as I’ve been associated with Nell Pratt, the president of the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society, my name has appeared in print on a regular basis. Nell seems to be a magnet for trouble, although to be fair, it’s seldom her fault.

Most recently she found herself sucked into yet another murder investigation, and I found myself involved for reasons that had nothing to do with her. She was just doing her job—helping a major Philadelphia-area developer check out the pedigree of a plot of land he planned to build on, which was an appropriate and responsible thing for him to do, and Nell’s Society was the best place to go for that kind of historic information.

Then they found a body on the property, floating face down in a pond. I mean they, as in the developer and Nell, who were on the building site. Unlikely, I know, but that’s what happened.

Because this developer is a Big Name in local circles, he demanded—no, excuse me, politely requested that the FBI assist the local police in their investigation (which, I might add, did not please the local police), and somehow I ended up with the assignment. Nell had nothing to do with my being brought in, but there we were regardless, thrown together again.

Of course, nobody wanted to tread on the toes of the Big Developer, but to be fair, it doesn’t look as though he was involved in the death, and he did ask for a prompt and thorough investigation. But since he is Big, he has lots of employees who might have had a hand in the death, just to keep him happy and keep his pet project moving forward. So we can't assume he's in the clear, but we can't exactly badger him with questions either. It's a tricky situation.

Luckily Nell and I work well together, and I’m sure we’ll get this sorted out quickly. As for non-professional matters, those are moving along too, if not quite as rapidly. It’s a good thing that I am a patient man. And a persistent one.



  1. Hi Sheila, you know what a big fan I am of this series. It's on my TBR list of new books coming out and I can't wait to read it.

  2. I like this series very much. Can't wait to read it.