Friday, March 28, 2014

Annie's Guide to Fighting the Winter Blahs

By:Annie Chamovitz

From: The Cumberland Creek Mystery Series
Author: Mollie Cox Bryan
Book 3 Title: Death of an Irish

I don’t know about you—but everybody I’ve talked wish has had WAY too much winter this year. Cumberland Creek has been hit harder than I ever remember. True, I’ve only been here five years or so, but still. It seems as if we just clean up and catch up from one snow storm and the next one is beginning. At first the boys loved it—school cancelled and days of play in the white fluffy stuff made for some happy boys. At first.  But even my two very active boys who usually love snow, have had enough. Yesterday, when it started snowing, Ben looked out the window and cried. “I’m not sure I can take anymore!”
Poor boy.
So I did what any good mama might do—I tried to cheer him up. Here’s what we did. Maybe it will help you (or someone you know) fight the winter doldrums.
-We watched some silly movies. The sillier the better. Laughter always makes you feel good.
-We turned on some music and danced. Movement is good—gets the blood circulating. (And can you frown when you are shaking your groove-thang? I don't think so.)
-We baked chocolate chip cookies. (This was Ben and Sam’s favorite and I have to say, mine, too.)
-We read some good books. We sometimes have a “read-in” and lounge about on the couch and floor on overstuffed pillows with music playing softly in the background. Each with our own books and every once in awhile sharing a tidbit from it.
-Get dressed, play in the snow, and hide behind a huge bush for when Dad gets home. Then proceed to attack with a stock pile of snowballs.
My tips may not work for everybody—but it cheered us all up. Especially that last one.
How about you? How do you fight the winter doldrums?

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