Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kids These Days!

By Lucille Mazzarella from The Lucille Series
By Peg Cochran

Yo, Lucille Mazzarella here.  I swear I can’t take much more—I told Frankie that the other day.   Here, Bernadette is pregnant, and the father doesn’t want to marry her.  I guess he just wants to be one of them baby daddies like they have out in Hollywood.  But this here’s Jersey, I told her.  What are the ladies at church going to think?  Old Mrs. De Stefano is going to raise those over-plucked eyebrows of hers so high they’ll disappear into her hairline. 

 So Bernadette goes out and finds herself a fiancĂ©.  Guy name of Taylor Grabowski.  Turns out his mother is Donna DeLucca.  We went to the same high school but were never good friends.  Her husband’s made a lot of dough as a hedge fund manager.  Sheesh, who knew there was so much money in landscaping?   

 Anyways, Bernadette is all set to get married.  We got the church hall all decked out, found her a maternity wedding gown—believe it or not they have a whole line of them now at the bridal salon—Mrs. De Stefano and Mrs. De Pasquale are making their famous lasagna for the reception, and what happens?  Donna turns up dead right before the ceremony.  And the cops think I done it on account of an argument we had at the rehearsal dinner.

 I gotta get this case solved and fast.  I want Bernadette to have a ring on her finger before that baby is born, which, from the looks of things, could be any day now.

What's a mother to do?

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  1. I'm just about half way through, and loving it!