Sunday, September 7, 2014

How alike are we?


By Lizzie Turner, Book Fair and Foul, 
      an Ashton Corners Book Club Mystery by Erika Chase


My author is often asked if I, Lizzie Turner, am like her in any way. Now what I want to know is why nobody asks me that question. Is Erika Chase anything like me? I’ll tell you anyway because It’s my turn to blog.

Sure, we enjoy similar things. We both enjoy choral singing. We’d die for good dark chocolate. Almond butter out of the jar is a go-to every day. And Siamese cats rule our lives. But aside from that, I can’t write a book, as much as I might like to. And she can’t teach. 

Of course, I’m trained as a reading specialist but I do have my teaching certificate, too. I enjoy my job, working one on one with students who are experiencing difficulties in reading. I do assessments and make suggestions to both teachers and parents, as to how best deal with each student and his or her needs. I believe that reading is not only a necessity but one of life’s joys and I feel proud to be able to work in this area.

She also belongs to a book club, a nameless one I might point out, that has eight women as members. The Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straws Society, on the other hand, has seven members, two of which are males, which adds to a more interesting discussion at times. Especially when Molly Mathews who is so Agatha Christie she even starting dressing in the period styles for a while, goes head on with Bob Miller, the former police chief who, not surprisingly, is a police procedural type of guy.

But back to the being an author. They say there’s a book in every person. And I’ve also heard it advised, when it comes to writing, to just do it. But that doesn’t work for me. Maybe at some stage in life, I’ll give it a try, when I have something to say or someone I enjoy writing about. Hey – does that describe why Erika writes about me? Wow. That’s so cool. And, I'm really thrilled that she's just finished book #5 in the series. Who knows what she has planned for me in the future?

Any suggestions?


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