Friday, September 26, 2014

It's Tradition

By Lucille Mazzarella from
Peg Cochran’s Lucille Series

Yo, Lucille Mazzarella here.  I’m one of those traditional types, you know?  I don’t like no changes.  Take Sunday dinner for instance.  I set the table with the same tablecloth, silverware and dishes every week.  And the food don’t change that much either—lasagna, stuffed shells, macaroni with meat sauce.  No surprises there.  And the same people are sitting around the table—although now we have little Lucy so soon we’ll have to set another place.

Some people think that’s boring, but I don’t.  For me, it feels comfortable.  I know what to expect.  Like I said, no surprises.  It’s the same with the holidays.  What would Thanksgiving be without the turkey, stuffing, ham, lasagna and some cannoli for dessert.  It’s an all American holiday. 

Take my Frankie—we been married for more than two decades now, and I know what his footsteps sound like, the fact that his ankle cracks as he goes up the stairs and that if he grunts after tasting something, it means he likes it.

How about you?  Do you go in for tradition or do you prefer to change things up?

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Available for all ebooks.  Buy from Amazon 

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  1. Pasta, more pasta and much more pasta. Sounds great to me. I'm looking forward to another Lucille book!

  2. I have my own traditions. Our Thanksgiving has a lot of the same items just the way I want them... but I also try to introduce something new every year. That means that at least some of the time we expand our menu permanently though... so we make new traditions!