Friday, September 5, 2014

My Plan for World Domination . . . Falling into Place!

by Jerry Garcia, naughty cat and star (hey, otherwise, why would I be on the cover?) of the League of Literary Ladies mysteries by Kylie Logan

Ah, September.  Dudes, let me tell you, I’m glad the weather is finally chillin’ here on South Bass Island in Lake Erie.  It’s not easy for a cool cat like me to spend hot and humid days outside roaming the island, and I’ve pretty much been hiding out in the home of my main servant, Chandra Morrisey.  You know, the kind and kind-of-wacky lady who does crystal and tarot card readings for tourists here on the island.  I’ve been enjoying her AC and letting her wait on me.  But now that the temps are finally cooling . . .

This is my chance to do a little exploring, and there’s always something to do on the island.  I could visit Kate Wilder’s winery.  I hear there’s some crazy ghost hunters in town and they’re going to explore the place.  That ought to be a hoot!  With any luck, they’ll find the ghost of island legend, Sleepy Harlow, a bootlegger who lived like eighty years ago.  Or I could wander over to where Luella Zak’s fishing charter is docked.  Luella, she doesn’t like people to know she’s got a big heart, but sometimes, she sneaks me fishy snacks.

Then again, maybe I’ll stay a little closer to home.  There’s that B&B right next door, you know, Bea Cartwright’s place.  She’s got pumpkins out on the front steps and they don’t interest me much, but those big pots of mums . . .  looks like when nature calls I’ll have a pretty classy rest stop!

Oh, and there’s Bea herself, sitting out on that wicker couch on the front porch of that big monstrosity of a Victorian house of hers.  She’s reading something.  A whole stack of somethings.  Looks like a manuscript of some sort.  If I time this right, I might be able to maximize the chaos.

What’s that?  The phone just rang from inside and Bea left the porch.  Here I go!  Up on the porch. Over to the couch.  Onto that pristine stack of neatly typed pages.

Forget those potted mums, this is a whole lot more fun and is sure to cause more serious damage. Won’t Bea be surprised when she gets back out here!

“The Legend of Sleepy Harlow,” book #3 in the League of Literary Ladies series, will be on bookstore shelves on October 7.


  1. Apparently, we don't get out enough. Maybe our servant will get out some knitting...

  2. This is too good to miss. I'll be watching for this book very carefully.

  3. This is already on.My TBR pile. I am looking forward to reading it.

  4. Oh the title is too good ! I can't wait to read this one !

  5. Thank you all for the encouraging comments. Jerry is pleased!