Friday, November 7, 2014


By Lizzie Turner from the Ashton Corners 
      Book Club Mysteries
      by Erika Chase

So, I finally got Mark out to a movie. He’s my sweetie but his job as police chief of Ashton Corners, AL doesn’t leave him enough play time, at least from my point of view. However, this movie I was just dying to see after reading the book, The Hundred Foot Journey, finally came to town. 

Unfortunately, we have only two functional movie venues in town these days after the Rialto Cinema closed its doors after a long, hard winter. Or rather, a milder than usual winter which saw fewer folks hiding away indoors. These days, there’s the Crown's Cinema on Parker Street, which shows first run movies and rotates them every two weeks. The Barclay Theatre has taken on the task of bringing movies back for a longer run. Both venues are great to have. I just don’t seem to visit them often enough.
So, back to my book and movie! I so enjoyed the book by Richard C. Morais, that I talked Mark into going with me.  He didn’t have time to read the book but I had hoped he'd read it after and take part in my great movie vs novel experiment. After the movie ended, we compared our views over espressos at the Cup ‘n Choc.

I loved the movie and thought it stuck fairly well to the plot, with of course, the romantic embellishments here and there. All part of the fun. I had pictured the Helen Mirren-played character as being a bit grouchier though. More like Judi Dench’s role in Chocolat. But I love Mirren so no complaints there.

Mark enjoyed it but hasn’t been tempted to follow-up by reading the book. That really shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I would have liked his overall impression after doing just that. So much for the experiment!

So, my question to you is, do you think it’s better to read the book first and then see the movie, or vice versa? I usually prefer to see, then read. Fewer disappointments. 

What works best for you?

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  1. I prefer to read first, then see the movie. For me, the book is presented as the author wishes it to be presented. There is often a lot of deviation and changes in the movie, from the book, to make it more appealing to the audience.

  2. I love it when movies are true to books--but it must be very hard to accomplish that.

  3. Read the book, first...then, HOPE the movie stays true to the book.

  4. If I have to choose, it's always going to be the book. But in this case, I saw The Hundred Foot Journey and decided that I'd have to read the book after that.

    Thanks for the reminder, Lizzie!

  5. I much prefer to read the book first. But then there are movies that I have never seen because I didn't feel the actors were right for the picture I had in my head. And I am usually disappointed in the movie, when I do see one.

  6. I prefer to read the book first---and probably wait until the movie shows up on TV.

  7. Tough one. I usually don't like the movie if I compare it too much to the book, so I try to think of them as two separate things. I read a good quote (I think Diana Gabaldon quoting Stephen King?) when people were complaining Outlander wasn't exactly like the book - "you can always go back and re-read the book, it never changes."

  8. I like to read the book first. Sometimes I don't want to see the movie then because I know it will be so different.

  9. I agree with the majority commenting here - always read first. A friend who is a serious movie buff can always be counted on to tell whether the movie lives up to expectations; then I will go see it. And I am one who re-reads books (often just before a new book in a series is released). Except for classics, such as Gone with the Wind or It's a Wonderful Life, I rarely watch a movie more than once.