Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Paris Dreams and Lovely Surprises

By: Beatrice Matthews

From: The Cumberland Creek Mystery Series
Author: Mollie Cox Bryan
Book 4 Title: A Crafty Christmas 

So a few years ago, I went to Paris.  I was 81-years-old and figured if I didn’t go then, I might not ever go. It was a dream trip for my late husband and myself that we never got the chance to take. At the risk of seeming a bit woo-woo, I thought the trip could be very life affirming. And it was—but in surprising ways.
Oh, I loved Paris! It was affirming in all the ways I expected—the art, the food, the history, and the sheer beauty of the city. I wan't really surpassed by any of that. It's what I expected and more. 
But here is the surprising thing: I had an affair with a younger man. To make a long story short, he tracked me down and is now living with me in Virginia. Quite the scandal in my small town. For the most part, folks love my Jon, though I have to admit we’ve had some settling in problems. But who doesn’t?

So now, we’ve decided to head back to Paris together so that I can meet his family and do Paris with him—which will be a whole new experience, I’m sure. I’m very much looking forward to the trip. Other than taking care of some official visiting visa business, the rest of our days there together will be a dream. Unless I don’t get along with his relatives. I suppose there’s that possibility… But maybe since I don’t get along with MOST people in Cumberland Creek, I will find my tribe in Paris with Jon’s family. Who knows? Life is adventure. The older I get, the more precious it seems. But let’s not get precious about it. Let’s keep moving, keep adventuring. Onward!

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  1. How cool to be able to go to Paris, find a new relationship and continue on with new adventures, especially at age 81. Every one should be so blessed.

  2. I just picked this one up today! I read the back and had to buy it! I now have to hunt down the first three in this series! I hate to read out of order!

  3. Thanks for buying my book! I understand wanting to read the series in order. Cheers!