Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Valentine's Day

By Monica Albertson from
Peg Cochran’s Cranberry Cove Series

“What do you think I should get Greg for Valentine’s Day?  I’m sure he’s going to get me something.  He’s hinted at it enough.”

“Darling, women don’t give presents on Valentine’s Day, they get them,” my stepmother Gina answered, drumming her long, French tipped nails on the table.

“What’s in it for men then?”

Gina rolled her eyes.  “Honey, by giving you a present and taking you out for a romantic dinner, of course they’re hoping to get something.  But let me tell you, it’s not a box of chocolates or a bottle of their favorite whiskey.”

“Greg’s not like that.”
“They’re all like that underneath.  Scrape away the layers of sophistication, and they’re cavemen.”

“Anyway, I’ve found a first edition of a Margery Allingham I think he’d like.”

“Marjorie, who?”  Gina held her hands out in front of her and examined her nails.

“She’s a well-known mystery writer.  She wrote about a gentleman sleuth named Albert Campion.”

“If you say so,” Gina said dismissively.  “If you insist on getting him something, you’ve got to do better than that.  Some cologne at least.  Or a silk robe.  Better yet, buy yourself some silk lingerie—I can bet you he’d appreciate that more than anything else you could come up with.”

I sighed.  There was no point in looking for help from Gina.  She had a one track mind—men gave and women took.

I was going to get the Allingham.  I knew Greg would appreciate it.

But maybe I’d make a trip to the mall as well.  I really could do with some new lingerie.  Besides, it couldn’t hurt, could it?

What are you getting your man for Valentine’s Day?

 Coming May 2016


  1. Nothing as exciting as all that - lol! I usually make a nice dinner with a very yummy chocolate dessert! :-)

  2. I'll bake a batch of his favorite chocolate chip cookies, and I'll try not to eat them all myself.

  3. Our thing is a quiet dinner and taking in a movie, or renting one. For me. A book, usually mystery. For him. Puzzles. He's got the patience of a saint. And we indulge in a box of See's truffles. Only time of year we buy candy. Della at deepotter@peoplepc.com

  4. I will get my husband a bunch of gluten free treats to keep at the office. He doesn't buy them on a regular basis because he thinks they are too expensive.

  5. My husband's birthday is the day after Valentine's so it's a combined celebration...usually I get him golf attire and a bottle of unique vodka.

  6. My husband considers Valentines day a Hallmark holiday. But I usually get taken out for a nice dinner