Thursday, October 19, 2017

Crepe Factor Giveaway

By Carmela Bertrand from the Scrapbooking Mystery Series 

First I have to tell you that I am lucky enough  to live in the bustling French Quarter of New Orleans, and  I own the Memory Mine Scrapbooking shop on Governor Nicholls Street. Please stop by anytime you are in town.

New Orleans is a fabulous place to live and work. The atmosphere is always crackling with the vitality of a town filled with fun and exciting things to do. One of my favorite events is the Winter Market. I always consider it to be the official start of the holiday season. Restaurateurs and other venders set up along the banks of the mighty Mississippi and offer samples of food, liquor and other wares putting everyone in a festive mood.

You won’t believe what happened at the last Winter Market.  My BFF Ava Gruiex and I were strolling along, tasting wine and having a grand time when we wound up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Quigg Brevard, a restaurant owner I briefly dated years ago, was screaming and threatening a man I’d never seen before.  I later found out his name was Martin Lash. He was a restaurant reviewer who had written a terrible review about Quigg’s pride and joy, Mumbo Gumbo.

A few minutes later, while Ava and I were looking for treasure at a clothing booth featuring risqué lingerie, the very same Martin Lash came stumbling around the boutique tent with a huge kitchen fork stuck in his neck. He dropped right at our feet, dead as a stone.

Horrible as that was, the worst was yet to come—for me at least. The last thing I needed was to have my long time beau Detective Edgar Babcock find me at the scene. But there I was when he pulled up. Worse still, within a few minutes, he discovered that Quigg Brevard was there and could easily be the main suspect in Martin Lash's murder. Let’s just say, Babcock isn’t always as cool as he pretends to be when it comes to my being anywhere near Quigg or anywhere near one of Babcock's murder cases for that matter. 

To celebrate this month’s mass market paperback release of Crepe Factor, we are giving away one book to a lucky commenter below. Why not comment about scrapbooking? You’ve tried it. You never tried it. Your Aunt Sally is an avid scrapbooker. Tell us anything but don’t forget to include your email addy in this format: name(AT)server(DOT) com to avoid the spam bots. Giveaway closes at midnight Sunday, October 22nd. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Happy Early Halloween!

by Carrie Kennersly, veterinary technician and owner of an adjoining barkery and bakery, whose adventures are memorialized in the Barkery & Biscuits Mysteries by Linda O. Johnston

Happy October, everyone.  Halloween is fast approaching.  And as you know, I've developed some pretty healthy dog treats that I sell in my Barkery--right next door to my bakery, Icing on the Cake. 

My suggestion?  Have dog treats available for those who stop at your house trick-or-treating on Halloween night.  They probably won't have their dogs along, but they'll head home with their kiddy treats soon, so why not have things available for their beloved pets at home?

Fortunately for me, there have been no more murders lately in Knobcone Heights, my wonderful town.  In case you're not aware of it, I've solved three murders recently, though not all at once.  The most recent was described in a book called Bad to the Bone, and the others also were recounted in books: Bite the Biscuit and To Catch a Treat.  And you know what?  I have a feeling there'll be more--not that I ever set out to become a detective.  But I always like to have justice served, especially when it's my friends, or myself, who are unjustly accused.

Enjoy your Halloween!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What's A Guy To Do?

by Roelke McKenna, Police Officer

of the Chloe Ellefson Mysteries

by Kathleen Ernst

Roelke McKenna here. I'm in a bind.

Nothing is more important to me than taking care of those I love. One of those people is my lady-friend, Chloe Ellefson. As she told you last time, she's spending a week in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, to help a fellow curator at Pendarvis Historic Site.

That gig starts tomorrow. I drove her to Mineral Point a day early to help our friend Adam, who's restoring an old stone cottage built in the 1830s by Cornish immigrants.

He asked us to help dig out his root cellar. He's been finding all sorts of cool stuff.

But Chloe got weirded out back there. Things got worse when Adam and I uncovered a skeleton. Then Adam's grandma asked Chloe to do some research to see if she could figure out who might have been buried in the cottage.

Chloe doesn't want me to "take care of" her, but she has a habit of getting into trouble. She's passionate about her history stuff, and helping people, and sometimes she plunges into dangerous situations. If I could, I'd call in to the Eagle Police Department and trade some shifts so I could stay here in Mineral Point, keeping an eye on things.

But the other members of my "people I love" list are my cousin Libby and her two kids.

Libby is an independent person who would never agree to "being taken care of" either. But her ex-husband has gone into stalker mode. She and the kids are in danger. I want to leave things to the police in her community. Her ex is a clever SOB, though, good as escaping notice. I'm afraid I might need to intervene.

I want to take care of Chloe, and I want to take care of Libby and the kids, and I can't be in two places at once.

That leaves me uneasy about everyone. I'm pretty sure trouble is right around the corner...and I may not be able to do a single thing to stop it.

* * *
To learn more about the award-winning Chloe Ellefson series, see Kathleen's website or follow her on her Facebook Author Page.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Ghosts in the Attic??

Hi, Auntie KiKi from Duffy Brown’s Consignment Shop mysteries set in Savannah. 

We’re gearing up for one of the most fun holidays in Savannah...Halloween!

Savannah may not have a lock on Halloween but we do have something special to toss in that we are haunted! Third most haunted city in the US so that’s a lot of haunting in my book.

Usually I just chalk this up to hype to bring people to Savannah. It’s good for business. The Haunted Savannah tours love it, the haunted hotels like the Marshal House loves it ‘cause it’s good for business and the restaurants like The Pirate House and the Old Pink House love it. 

The waiters love telling tales of peach cobbler flying across the room and room 212 that’s always cold and the phones that never work. Seems the ghosts love electronics and messing with them.
Like I said it’s the hype for the city and tourism...or is it.

Something’s in my attic! I’ve lived in my 140 year old Victorian house, Rosegate, for forty hears now and not so much as a peep. But lately there are noises, big noises. Things going pump in the night noises.

Why would my attic suddenly be haunted? What’s going on? Or is there something going on in my attic more sinister? My lovely husband Putter...named thus because he carries a putter with him out of town at a doctors convention. Wouldn’t you know!

Why do these things always happen when he’s away?

So my question you think I have a ghost in my attic? Is it someone looking for something after all these years? Or is it just my imagination and I should go get myself another martini and try and calm down?

Let me know what you think and I’ll give away  a copy of Iced Chiffon from the answers!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hello everyone ~

I’m Geneva Leary.  If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know about the terrible dilemma my family is in – and me too, of course.  It’s all too much to take in.  And it all happened on my wedding day! 
I would give anything to be able to turn back the clock.  I don’t regret our wedding, not at all, it was perfect.  It was everything that happened after. 

Wait -- I don’t want to give you the wrong impression.  I’m so happy that David and I are finally married, even though our honeymoon will never happen, but I can’t help but wonder if our wedding in some way brought about the terrible events of that night. 

And it just keeps getting worse.  My mother is on the verge of a complete breakdown, I’m so worried about her.  My sister is accused of being involved in a conspiracy to commit murder and she’s been arrested.  How much worse can it get?  No, forget I said that.  I don’t even want to think about it. 

Julia, my dear friend, knows I don’t believe in astrology.  But she’s promised to help us, she’s sure she can find clues in the charts.  I appreciate her concern, but it’s not going to change what’s already happened.  Nothing can undo that.  We’ll all have to live with it and get through as best we can.  I know Julia thought we should have consulted with her about our wedding date, but to be honest, it never even crossed my mind.  She hasn’t said as much, but I know her and I’m sure she’s thinking it. 

If Julia’s expertise can shed some light on all of these horrible events, maybe provide some closure, I’d be so grateful.  I might even become a believer myself!

You can read all about me and my family in All Signs Point to Murder.  And you can visit our author, Connie di Marco at her website, on Facebook and Twitter @askzodia. 


Saturday, October 14, 2017


OF: The Bad Luck Cat Mysteries by Kay Finch

It's nearly Halloween, a day that kids far and wide look forward to with much anticipation for months in advance. Whether they are more attracted by the costumes or the candy, I'm not sure. Or maybe they love to be scared by ghosts and goblins.  To celebrate the season, Hitchcock, my black cat, and I are giving away a copy of the latest Bad Luck Cat Mystery - THE BLACK CAT SEES HIS SHADOW - as well as this lovely black cat coffee mug.

To go perfectly with that coffee, you ought to make one of my favorites - PUMPKIN CRUNCH. Consider this recipe another giveaway from Hitchcock and me to y'all.


1 Package Yellow Cake Mix

1 (16-oz) Can Pumpkin
1 (12-oz) Can Evaporated Milk

3 Eggs

1-1/2 Cup Sugar

4 Teaspoons Pumpkin Pie Spice

1/2 Teaspoon Salt

1 Cup Chopped Pecans

1 Cup Melted Butter

Whipped Topping
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease bottom of a 9x13 inch pan. Combine pumpkin, evaporated milk, eggs, sugar, pumpkin pie spice and salt in large bowl. Pour into pan. Sprinkle dry cake mix evenly over pumpkin mixture. Top with pecans. Drizzle with melted butter. Bake for 50-55 minutes or until golden. Cool completely. Serve with whipped topping.
For your chance to win the prize book and mug pictured above, leave a comment to tell me either 1) the best Halloween costume you ever wore; 2) what's your favorite Halloween candy (or other treat); OR 3) what you'll be doing this Halloween to celebrate (or not).  Leave me your email address in the comment and I'll choose a random winner on October 17 at 10:00 p.m. 

Kay Finch is the National Best-Selling Author of the Bad Luck Cat Mysteries, Black Cat Crossing, The Black Cat Knocks on Wood, and The Black Cat Sees His Shadow. She's a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and the State Bar of Texas Paralegal Division. Kay lives with her husband and their rescue pets in a Houston suburb. Visit the author at

Friday, October 13, 2017

Happy Friday the 13th! Celebrate with FREE book and giveaway!


A Troubled Witch

I truly was just playing a game of Truth or Spell with my sister. I didn’t intend for anyone to get hurt. Anyone to lose an important package. Or anyone to discover I had put a spell him, a hunky him, that was supposed to break in a few hours. . .only the spell never took and it threw me right into an investigation with Mick Jasper, undercover agent for SKUL, a little-known division of Interpol – the Secret Keepers of the Universal Laws.

Trust me, I’m adjusting to the fact that I might never have my Witchy Hour, which is the hour that everything in my life up until then becomes clear and I know exactly what I’m to use my powers for.
Everyone in my family has had their Witchy Hour. I’m nearing the thirty year old mark and I’m still serving patrons at our family diner, The Brew.

So WHAT am I to do when this Mick Jasper claims I messed up his investigation, so I have to help him fix it? Seriously, I have no clue about guns, undercover work, or even the law.

My stress level is high because I can’t tell my family about him and him about my family. What is a witch to do?

What was your favorite Halloween costume that you wore as a child? Leave a comment to be entered to win this Southern Mystery tote and goodies! I'll pick a winner on Monday!

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Where's the Trick-or-Treaters?

by Aunt Bess of Honey-Baked Homicide by Gayle Leeson

Back when my daughter Jenna was a little girl, she used to go trick-or-treating with her friends. They'd all gather together--we didn't live here in Winter Garden then, we lived in Pocahontas, Virginia--and go around the neighborhood gathering treats. We all enjoyed the young 'uns showing off their costumes. We didn't care if they were homemade or store-bought outfits, as long as it made the children happy and they could see, hear, and move around all right in them.

The tradition continued a while when Amy was a little girl, but somewhere along the way, trunk-or-treats and going to stores to get treats became the things to do. Of course, you know why stores offer treats to kids--to get their parents through the door to buy something. Trunk-or-treats is a thing they started doing at churches so they could be sure the young 'uns would be safe. That's a sorry commentary on the world when a body can't trust her neighbors to be good to children.

Now I mostly see Halloween costumes on television or online. I don't even recognize most of the characters anymore. Back in my day, you had witches and ghosts, and that was about it. When Jenna was growing up, there was Barbie, Superman, princesses, Dracula.... Jenna got really creative with Amy's costumes. One year, Amy was dressed in purple with balloons taped all over her--she was a bunch of grapes. Another time, she was a sunflower. And she teamed up with three of her friends one year, and they all went as a different color crayon--Amy was pink.

So, tell me, do you still have trick-or-treaters come to your house? And, if so, could you send them my way? I miss seeing them.


Gayle Leeson is giving away a little treat to five Killer Characters readers. All you have to do to enter is comment on this post. Winners will receive a bag with a pen, a Honey-Baked Homicide magnet, a couple of bookmarks, and a truffle. On Monday, October 16, at around noon, I'll choose the winners using a random number generator. Good luck!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

It's Great to be a Dog

By Missy from Sparkle Abbey's Pampered Pets Mystery series

Hi everyone! It’s Missy, Mel’s bulldog.

It’s great to be a dog whose human owns a pet shop. There’s always an abundance of the most delicious treats, and I play with the best toys. I have my own posh comfy bed in Mel’s office, and a fabulous dog sofa next to the big window where I can take a relaxing afternoon nap in the sun. My days are filled with people telling me how sweet I am, belly rubs, and the best behind-the-ear scratches.

On the days I don’t go to the shop, Mel brings home something extra special. Last week she brought home the best un-birthday peanut butter cake just for me. I think she misses me when I’m not around.

It’s not all rainbows and unicorns though (I’m not exactly sure what the means, but I heard Betty Foxx say it when she was having a bad day). The downside is sometimes you’re the guinea pig for ugly sweaters, tutus, and girly dresses. Ugh! I’m a bulldog, not a doll.

It’s especially bad this time of year—Halloween. Pet costumes are flying off the shelves, and some of them are ridiculous. The most popular are the pumpkin and hot dog. I don't get it. Why would anyone want to be anything but a bulldog? I sure hope Mel doesn’t cave and dress me in Betty’s suggestion...a CAT! I think I’ll hide in the office until Halloween is over.

Oh, before I go, I’m supposed to tell you that Barking with the Stars, book nine, will be released this November. Hey, that’s next month! I bet Caro stops by next time to tell you all about it.

Sparkle Abbey is the pseudonym of two mystery authors (Mary Lee Woods and Anita Carter). They are friends and neighbors as well as co-writers of the Pampered Pets Mystery Series. The pen name was created by combining the names of their rescue pets--Sparkle (Mary Lee's cat) and Abbey (Anita's dog). If you want to make sure you're up on all the Sparkle Abbey news, stop by their website and sign up for Sparkle Abbey's Newsletter.

photo credit: istolethetv bulldog_tutu_two via photopin (license)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hello from a Cat Named Mouse!

By Mouse of Tracy Weber's Downward Dog Mystery Series!
Hi there.  I’m Mouse, a feline in author Tracy Weber's upcoming mystery, Pre-Meditated Murder!  Yes, I realize Mouse is a silly name for a cat, but what can I do about it?  No human can pronounce my real name.  It’s a mixture of meows, head bumps, and purrs.  So, since the human who catnapped me named me Mouse, I guess it will have to do.

I’m six months old and I live at CB Cuts, a hair salon in Cannon Beach, Oregon.  Some people call me a Hemmingway cat; others call me polydactyl.  I don’t know what either of those words mean, but people always look at my front paws when they say them, so I assume they’re talking about the fourteen cool toes I have on my front feet. 

I used to live in the courtyard downstairs.  In some ways that was more fun, because I could wander anywhere I wanted to.  Now I’m stuck here with only a large room and my extra special hiding place.  Mostly, though, living outdoors by myself was scary, hungry, and lonely.  Crystal (the human who trapped me) says I’m semi-feral, but she’s hoping that she’ll be able to tame me someday.  Good luck with that.

Crystal’s been upset the last few days.  An old friend of hers named Michael came back to town, and a few days later her best friend, Gabriella, was murdered!   I’d met Gabriella a few times.  She was OK, except when she tried to touch me.  I do not like to be touched. Do you blame me? The last time I let Crystal touch me, she threw me in a cage and incarcerated me here. Crystal doesn’t really like Kate, but I think she’s OK.  Kate’s the yoga woman with the bad haircut who’s trying to solve the murder. 

Kate and I will get along fine as long as she doesn’t try to pet me.  If that pointy finger of hers gets within six inches of my fur, I’ll scratch it off. And with seven claws on each front foot, I’m an Olympic-level scratcher.  Do you think I’ll have to teach her a lesson?

Say hi to Mouse and tell her about the cats in your life! Leave a comment below by Tuesday, October 17, and you'll be entered to win an autographed, advanced copy of Pre-Meditated Murder.
Good luck!

Tracy Weber’s author page
Mouse's author buddy, Tracy Weber, on Facebook

Catch up on all four of the Downward Dog Mysteries.  Available at booksellers everywhere!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Brittany Bloom’s Interview with Detective James O’Neil

James O'Neil from  Kelle Z Riley's Undercover Cat series

What: WKTV Studios Local Interest Story
Where: WKTV Studios, Plainville, IL
Subject: Brittany Bloom’s Interview with Detective James O’Neil
Hi, I’m detective James O’Neil of the Plainville, IL police department. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Smile at the interviewer, James. And stop fiddling with your pen. Brittany’s not here to scope you out. It’s just an interview. A public relations stunt for the PD.
…Sorry, what was that? I was thinking about a recent case... Sure, I can tell you a bit about it.
…Yes, the Plainville PD was called in to investigate the suspicious death of a woman at the local college. That is, the chemistry lab where she was found was part of a parcel to be donated to the college by the Naturalistics company.
The case was a bit unusual. For one thing, the alleged crime took place on the school grounds and garnered the attention of both the College President and the Plainville Mayor. They didn’t want a large police presence on campus, so we worked out an agreement to use a private consultant. Bree is so much more than just a consultant. She’s smart, and if she weren’t involved with that jerk of a CIA reject. . .
…Oh. Yes, I was still thinking about the case. Woolgathering, as my grandma would have called it. Anyway, we hired Dr. Bree Watson because she was knowledgeable about science and she had a relationship with Naturalistics. A relationship that included posing undercover as a student, for God’s sake. Would Tugood never stop putting Bree in danger? Oops, pay attention to the interview, O’Neil. At least try to look competent.
Dr. Watson had formed relationships with the employees of Naturalistics, so she was a logical choice for the job.
…Yes, we had worked together before, in a manner of speaking. You already know—because you are a good reporter—that Bree was a suspect in a murder case at the Chemical Industries Corporation (CIC) several months ago. What the news stories at the time didn’t tell you was that Dr. Watson was instrumental in uncovering the identity of the real killer. Without her input, we would not have correctly interpreted the clues that led to the motive.
…My relationship with Dr. Watson? Purely professional. What a load of crap. It’s a heck of a lot more and you know it. She’s playing hard-to-get, but the attraction goes both ways. I’d bet my badge on it.
…Do I plan to continue using her as a consultant? That’s tantamount to asking me if I plan to allow another murder to happen on my watch. And, for the record, the Plainville PD does everything in its power to prevent murder. Smile at her, O’Neil. Use the sexy grin. Then get the hell out off camera.
Thank you, Brittany. Stay safe out there.
Whew. If the Captain hadn’t insisted I come, I would have rather been anywhere but on local TV. Especially talking about Bree and trying to pretend there isn’t a lot more between us. She’s got so much going for her. She’s smart. Sexy. Determined. Of course, that part is one of the problems.
Right now, she’s determined to play at being a spy for that that jackass, Tugood. A man whose history is so redacted even I can’t figure out his real identity, when he stated working as a spook, or what agency he worked for. Not that I’m going to stop digging into his background. He’s dangerous.
No normal woman should be involved him. Certainly no one as sweet and kind as Bree. He’s just using her! Her illusions about working undercover are colored by spy novels and movies. But anyone who’s ever watched a James Bond movie knows women die when they get involved with him. In that respect, Tugood is as classic as they come.
But, while she’s playing at being a spy, I’m going to watch her back and keep her safe.
And when she’s ready for a normal relationship. . . I’ll be there for that, too.

For more on Bree, her adventures and “that jackass Tugood” visit his November 9, 2017 post on

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Fall fudge and another book giveaway

Hi, Mal here from the Candy-coated Mystery series. Nothing better than October on Mackinac Island. I like rolling in the leaves, running down the trails and sneaking licks off of candy apples.  Of course the apples need to be caramel or that hard red stuff, I like that. Allie makes sure I don't get any chocolate.

Then there's butterflies to chase. Love those. Plus digging in the dirt and the smell of Fall flowers and pumpkins! I love pumpkin. Allie says pumpkin is actually good for doggies so I get a taste of pumpkin every night.

Yes, I love Fall. I love the smells of Fall - all that mulch and sometimes even dead bodies. Okay, I'm a dog and the smell of dead things is irresistible. Now, I only point out the smells. It's not like I actually roll in them. I want to roll, but I have great self restraint. So dead bodies and fudge and Fall are all things I love. Well, not chocolate fudge, but the other kinds are a great treat. Allie is a great pet as well. She's super smart and figures out who is making the dead bodies and then tells Officer Manning.

Officer Manning is one of my favorites. Same for Trent Jessop, Allie's boyfriend. Things get a little mixed up with those two in Oh, Fudge. Then there's the new friend Carmella. She's a cat. I like cats, but she doesn't like dogs too much. It's okay because I play with her any way.

Then there's that day when everyone dresses up in costumes. I like that day. I like dressing up as the mail man. I have a lot of fun around mail boxes.

What is your favorite part of October?

Leave a comment and one lucky winner will be chosen to get a free copy of  Oh, Fudge.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Do picnics and murder go together?

This is Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada and although the Culinary Capers Dinner Club gang and I live in Burlington, VT, our author lives in Ottawa, Ontario. So she’s looking forward to a big family dinner at her place tomorrow. That’s ten adults, one cat, and one dog in a sunny semi-detached, sort of on the small side. Makes for cozy families, doesn’t it?

So, while she’s busy with all those details, I’ll just tell you a bit more about what you’ll find between the covers of Marinating in Murder, book #3 that’s coming out in March.

As you’ll know from reading the series, we rotate hosts for our monthly dinner and that host gets to choose the cookbook from which all our dishes are taken. It’s Alison’s turn this time around and because it’s early fall, she’s chosen to do a picnic. Yes, we can throw on a fleece and have a great time outdoors in Burlington at this time of year.

We don’t quite make it to the picnic spot though. Something about a body in the back of Alison’s SUV. What makes this so much worse than a body, which is already tragic, is the fact that Alison is a cop, and the body is that of her estranged husband.

Well, what’s a dinner club to do but help find the killer. We all know it’s not Alison!

I hope you’ll consider pre-ordering a copy of Marinating in Murder  at  and join us for some tasty meals and some sizzling sleuthing.

ROUX THE DAY is here! 
Find Book #2 in the Dinner Club Mysteries at your favorite bookstore or online.

The first book in the Dinner Club Mystery series is available at the bookstore of your choice, and on-line; also as an e-book.

  Book #3, MARINATING IN MURDER comes in March, 2018

Writing as Erika Chase:

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