Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Christmas in July - a cover reveal

Do you start thinking about Christmas in July? I do. I'm Allie McMurphy of the Candy-coated Mystery series by Nancy Coco.

I'd like to reveal the cover to our Christmas Book out November 2020. Isn't it adorable?

For those who don't know, I run the Historic McMurphy Hotel and Fudge Shop on Mackinac Island, Michigan. Christmas is magical on Mackinac and brings a surge of new tourists that prefer sleigh rides and snow mobiles to bikes and carriages.

This will be my first Christmas on Mackinac Island and I'm excited to experience everything from the tree lighting to the City Lights Contest.

My pets love the snow except when it gets too deep for Mal, my bichonpoo pup. Mella, my calico cat, doesn't mind it as long as it stays outside.

This Christmas season is fraught with storms, secrets, and an unfortunate murder. But my friends and I are on the case as we figure out how to keep Frances, my general manager, safe from the suspicions of Mackinac Island police.

I'm staying in Frances's, old condo while the McMurphy is under construction. And my best friend Jenn is back for the holiday and together we work to find the killer and save Frances from a frame up. 

Back to July, when it's hot and fireworks abound, I do start planning Christmas and making crafts. Do you think about Christmas in July? Leave a comment below for a chance to win a book by Nancy Coco.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Here's to your dream vacation!

by Shelby Cox from the Castle Bookshop Mysteries by Essie Lang

Because for many, that's all you'll be doing this summer. If you're lucky enough to have a cottage by the sea or some other water form, then you're all set. But if you were planning on seeing some of the country or trying out a resort, you just may be stymied. So, I'd like to suggest a virtual holiday to the Thousand Islands.

Picture yourself on a tour boat cruising beside, between and the length of the many islands. Okay, you won't get to see all thousand of them (actually, I was told by a tour guide that there are actually 1067 islands). But you'll get that chilled out, summertime feeling anyway.

If you'd like to spend some time on Blye Island visiting the castle and the bookstore, you'll need to read one of the Castle Bookshop Mysteries. Because even though it's set in the Thousand Islands, it exits only on paper and in a reader's imagination. Well, in my author's imagination to start with.

What could be better than books and water?

However you're able to spend your summer holidays, have a great and safe time!

What are your vacation plans?

book #2 in the Castle Bookshop Mysteries
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Trouble on the Books is also available in hardcover, e-book, and audio book.


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Monday, July 6, 2020

Meet Mystery Bookshop Baker, Dawson Alexander

Samantha Washington from the Mystery Bookshop mystery series by V. M. Burns asked me to stop by and introduce myself. So, here I am. My name is Dawson Alexander. I’m 20 and a student at Michigan Southwest University (MISU). I was born and raised in North Harbor, Michigan and attended North Harbor High School. That’s where I met, Mrs. W (Samantha Washington). She was my English teacher. In high school, I was a typical jock. All I wanted to do was play football and when I got a scholarship at MISU to play ball, I thought all my dreams were finally starting to come true. Mrs. W. was tough, but fair and she was always willing to help anyone who asked. I think that’s why when I was in trouble, I found my way to her.

College was nothing like high school and the professors didn’t really take the time to explain things the way Mrs. W. did. I’ll admit, I wasn’t the best student. I knew I wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer (as Sam’s grandmother, Nana Jo would say). Plus, I just wanted to play ball. I didn’t care about Shakespeare or math or anything. Unfortunately, in college if you don’t make the grades, you don’t play ball. After my freshman year, I was on academic probation and was about to lose everything. That’s when I ran into Mrs. W., Nana Jo and their friends at a funeral. I didn’t know it at the time, but they were investigating a murder. Things weren’t good at home. My mom died and my dad…well, my relationship with him is complicated. Mrs. W. let me move into the apartment over her garage and she and Nana Jo tutored me to help me get my grades up and I discovered that I love to bake. I make cookies and pastries for the bookstore. I think one day, when I can’t play football anymore, I would love to open a bakery.

I like working in the bookstore and baking. Mrs. W. has been like a mother to me. She’s welcomed me into her home and they treat me like one of the family. They even went to bat for me when the police thought I’d murdered my girlfriend. V.M. Burns wrote about it in Read Herring Hunt. Not only is there information about me but there’s a story-within-a-story and you’ll get a kick out of seeing how Mrs. W, Nana Jo and their friends outwit the police and catch a killer. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, swing by and I’ll even make you some delicious treats, too.

Mystery bookstore owner Samantha Washington is about to find out its not so easy to play Monday morning quarterback when it comes to murder. . .

To the town of North Harbor, Michigan, MISU quarterback Dawson Alexander is a local hero. To Samantha Washington, owner of the Market Street Mysteries Bookstore, Dawson is more than tenant-he's like an adopted son. But to the police, he is their prime suspect after his ex-girlfriend is found murdered. It's more than enough real-life drama for Sam to tackle, but her role as a mystery writer also calls. Returning to the English countryside between the wars, she finds Lady Daphne Marsh in quite the quandry. Someone has tried to murder the scandalous American divorcee Wallis Simpson, for whom Edward VIII so recently abdicated his throne. It seems finding a suspect is no small challenge when most England has a motive. . .

While Sam's lawyer sister Jenna rushes in to build Dawson's defense, Sam and her lively grandmother, Nana Jo, huddle up to solve the mystery and blow the whistle on the real killer. With the tenacious members of the Sleuthing Seniors Book Club eager to come off the sidelines, Sam and her team just might stop a killer from completing another deadly play. . .

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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Have a Safe and Wonderful Holiday!

by Jazz Ramsey from Kylie Logan's Jazz Ramsey Mysteries, Avery Morgan from Lucy Ness's Haunted Mansion Mysteries, and Pepper Martin from Casey Daniels's Pepper Martin Mysteries

It's the holiday weekend and you're out celebrating and not here reading, I bet.  We hope you're having fun, and keeping safe.  Enjoy! 

Happy Birthday, USA!

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Here’s to a Quiet Fourth AND a #giveaway

by Nigel

from DEADLY SWEET TOOTH, #2 in the ##VintageSweetsMysteries by Kaye George

Ho hum. Honestly, I don’t really care whether there are fireworks or not. I’ve heard my human talk about how frightening they are for dogs. It seems even some cats are afraid of them, I’m ashamed to say. We should all be above such things, in my opinion. However, if the Fourth is quieter this year, though, it won’t upset me greatly.

I mean. How undignified it would be for me to cower at a mere noise. Okay, I sometimes flinch a little, but I quickly recover my awesome aplomb. It isn’t fitting for a Maine coon to cower. I have my reputation to think of.  

There are some sounds I prefer to fireworks, I’ll admit that. I love the sound of Tally coming home. But mostly because it leads to the beautiful sound of kibble being poured into my bowl. And later, the lovely sound of treats being taken out of the package. My own purring is awesome, of course, and I gift my human with that when she pets me in just the right way.

What I don’t like are the times she comes home from work too upset to pay enough attention to me, talks on the phone to her friend Yolanda about their troubles, and sits around fretting, drumming her fingers, and not even noticing I want to get into her lap. I hope her troubles are over soon.

My author has 5 e-books of DEADLY SWEET TOOTH she would love to give to you if you leave a comment. She also LOVES reviews at Amazon and/or Goodreads!

Author here: Leave a comment with your email (disguised as MyEmail at server dot com if you wish) and I’ll pick a winner on July 7th, Tuesday night, to receive a free e-book copy of DEADLY SWEET TOOTH!


Friday, July 3, 2020

Lauren Rousseau is Back!

By Lauren Rousseau from Edith Maxwell's Lauren Rousseau Mysteries.

Hello from beautiful coastal Ashford, Massachusetts, where I call home. I thought I should introduce myself, since I've been on a really long sabbatical. I'm a linguistics professor at Agawam College. When I'm not teaching, I'm a regular runner.

I have a cute Haitian-American boyfriend, a good friend named Elise who is a bit troubled, a sister, and a mom. I don't cook much, but luckily those I'm close to do!

I'm also a Quaker, and I find much comfort and solace in the worshipful, light-filled silence of our antique Meetinghouse.

I needed a lot of that solace after one of my star students was murdered on campus, Elise went missing, and people started acting strangely.

My author wrote this story in Speaking of Murder, which was first published in 2012 - her first book! But the small publisher went out of business, and now the book has had an update and a facelift. Isn't that a cool cover? Preorders are always appreciated. We hope you'll want to hear how the murder was solved. (Fair warning - this isn't a strictly cozy read.)

Maddie Day creates the Country Store Mysteries and the Cozy Capers Book Group Mysteries. As Edith Maxwell, this Agatha-winning author writes the Quaker Midwife Mysteries, the Local Foods Mysteries, the Lauren Rousseau Mysteries, and short crime fiction

Maxwell/Day lives north of Boston with her beau, where she cooks, gardens, and wastes time on Facebook. She blogs here, at Mystery Lovers' Kitchen, and with the Wicked Authors. You can find her on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and at her web site,

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Murder in Waiting - The potential death of a Bridezilla

By Jill Gardner from MURDER IN WAITING by Lynn Cahoon.

Okay, I know I shouldn't say this aloud. And I really shouldn't have it written down any where, but if my BFF Amy Newman asks me to do one more thing for her wedding, she's not going to be married, she's going to be dead. By my hands.

I bet Greg will hate seeing that. 

Anyway, I'm Jill Gardner, owner of Coffee, Books, and More, the only coffee shop in South Cove, and definitely the only bookstore.  And like all profitable small town shops, we also sell trinkets for the weary traveler to take home to remember their seaside visit. I need to find a local vendor to do these things for me since right now, they all look cheap.

The woman I'm threatening to kill, in a joking manner, that is, is Amy Newman. She's my best friend, the city planner and receptionist, and the best surfer I've ever met. She's also getting married in a few months and has gone from my sweet, laid back friend to a beast. She gave me napkin rings to craft together. Seriously, has she ever met me? Arts and crafts are not my strong suit.

Besides, I've got to figure out what's going on with the Mission wall certification. they're telling me that I called and asked for it to be closed. Then they asked me a question like it's still open. I think they're feeding off Amy's crazy mojo. Maybe it will affect all the town. I need to talk to Deek. But before I can do that, Greg King, my boyfriend has come into the store. He probably just wants some free coffee.

Thanks for stopping by. And if you wouldn't mind not telling Greg I threatened to kill Amy? He might find it funny, but what if he thought I was serious? Besides, the wedding less than three months away. I can deal with her for three months, right?



Murder in Waiting released June 30th -
In the latest Tourist Trap mystery from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Lynn Cahoon, bookshop cafĂ© owner Jill Gardner contends with a best friend-turned-bridezilla while trying to solve a local historian’s untimely date with death . . .

 At Coffee, Books, & More, Jill’s the boss. But as Amy’s maid-of-honor, she can barely keep up with marching orders--and now she’s in charge of organizing an epic bachelorette! Adding to Jill’s party-planning panic, the South Cove Heritage Society just unceremoniously dumped her historic landmark bid. While vying proposals rush in from a loaded land developer and a pushy travel guide company, Jill finds an unexpected ally in Heritage Society expert, Frank Gleason. But their happy union is cut short when Frank is mowed down in a suspicious hit-and-run. With Amy’s big day on the horizon, Jill vows to catch the killer before she has to catch a bouquet.

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