Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Little Bit Psychic

By Lucy Valentine

I'm here to tell you that although being psychic does come with some downsides, on the whole it's a pretty cool talent to have. Especially now that I’ve been "outed" and can talk about my abilities freely. Before a nosy reporter wrote a tell-all article about me, my ability to find lost objects was a family secret. Of which my family has many. Secrets, that is. And that pesky reporter is bent on uncovering more of them, too. She’s getting closer and closer to figuring out the biggest secret of all. Not good. Not good at all. But that's a story for another day (read all about it in the upcoming Deeply, Desperately).

I was actually born with another abil—Oops. No need to make that reporter’s job easier. Let’s just say, I was fourteen when a lightning strike gave me the ability to find lost objects (I call it being a little bit psychic--I can't see the future or hear dead people or start fires with my mind, etc). For years I never thought my limited talent particularly useful. Sure, it was fun to find things for my friends and family, but was it going to drastically alter people’s lives for the better? Not so much. Especially not with all the rules that come with my gift. Stifling, those rules. I can’t find lost people. Or animals. Or anything that really matters. Just inanimate objects.

My dad? He’s known as the King of Love, thanks to his 98% success rate at the family matchmaking firm, Valentine, Inc. He has a special, ah, knack (I hope that reporter isn’t reading this post) for finding a person’s true love. Now, that’s a really useful talent.

Finding a lost watch? Not so much.

Or is it? What if that watch leads me to a dead body? Or a missing person?

Yeah, turns out I was wrong about my talent not being useful (that hurts a little bit to admit). A missing little boy, a murdered young woman, and a pair of long lost lovers changed my mind about my gift—and my purpose in life. These days I’m a consultant for the Massachusetts State Police, and I’m working for the family business—reuniting lost loves. Oh, and did I mention the sexy PI who works in my office building? No? Well, that may be because Cupid (long story) has placed a curse on the Valentines. If I ever want to have a long-lasting, loving, committed relationship, I have to find a way to break that darn curse. If only there was a psychic ability for that…


Note from Heather: Would you want to be psychic? In general I think it would come with a lot of responsibility, but who wouldn’t love to be able to see lottery numbers. :)


  1. Hi Lucy,

    I like that finding lost loves through inanimate objects give you a role in the family's business. So, tells us more about that sexy PI.

    Heather: I wouldn't want to be a psychic only because of the responsibility it would entail, especially among family and friends.

  2. No~I think I'd like to be able to do voodoo!

  3. Hi Lucy,

    I would love to be psychic. I seem to have no ability where that's concerned. None whatsoever. But I'd love to talk to you girl-to-girl one of these days about some questions I have. You may be able to help...


  4. Good Morning Lucy,I would Love to work at Valentine,Inc.Are there any openings?.I am a People Person,and dress well ..I knew Suz once,and I haven't heard from her in awhile..She told me a little bit about you.I do need to be matched up and also would love help finding a Lost Love..I have none of those Abilities, that you have ,but have been told I have Good Karma and an Aura about me..I have no idea about that. Let me know when you are free to Chat..I could be an asset to Valentine,Inc..Susan VT

  5. Hey Lucy, that's quite a gift you have! I don't suppose the rules allow you to find someone's sanity? I could really use help in that department.

    But I, too, want to know more about the sexy PI. My gal Wendy raves about you and that man.

  6. A curse on the your relationships will be hard to overcome. I have confidence in Lucy. I think she needs Dovie's help. Can't wait for Deeply Desperately

  7. Hi Lucy! I would like to be psychic in order to know what my author is planning to dump on my next time. Maybe we could form a union? I really enjoyed your adventure and hope you can ditch that family curse.

    Hugs from your buddy,

    Charlotte Adams

    Closet Confidential: a Charlotte Adams mystery

  8. Hi Lucy! I think being psychic would come with a lot of ethical responsibilities to worry no, I think I'll pass. :) But I love the idea of *hanging out* with psychics!

  9. It's great to meet you, Lucy. I'm not really good at labeling boxes when we move. Where could that cheese grater be? And the baby photos?

    Heather, I'm not sure I'd want to be psychic. I like surprises.

    Note from Willow: That explains a lot. I'll join your union, Charlotte Adams. Our biographers seem to like surprises more than we do.

  10. Hi Lucy,

    Nice to see you again. (Our biographers introduced us a while back, but we never got to chat.)

    I'd love to be a little bit psychic. I think that ability would help a school psychologist a lot!


  11. Hi Lucy,

    I'd settle for being more insightful. I'm usually the person leaving a meeting where everyone around me is chattering about the tension between John and Ted or the looks Mary was giving Peter, and I'm thinking "what tension?", "what looks?" I think a bit psychic would really beat borderline oblivious.

    But then again, oblivious can have it's advantages, too.

  12. Dru, you're going to make me gush. Sean? Well, he's just about perfect. Okay, if you don't count all his health issues. Leave it to me to fall for a guy who could drop dead at any moment. Oh, and his secretive past. I'm still working on figuring that out. But the chemistry between us? There's no need to figure that out. It's pure magic.

    Hi there, Grace. We definitely need to talk. And I could use a trip out of town. Maybe we could meet halfway? Somewhere in NY?

    Hi Susan, there are no current openings at Valentine, Inc--besides, I think my grandmother Dovie would pitch a fit if we hired someone other than her. But I can see you'd be a perfect fit to our family--that crack about the auras? Perfect! Sean and Sam are looking for help--I'll put in a good word for you (how are you with curses, by the way?).

  13. Hi Tonya, lolol on the voodoo doll. I'm kind of wondering who you want to stick. (Note to self--don't make Tonya mad).

    Janet, I like surprises, too. Writing about Lucy has really highlighted how much responsibility being psychic brings. You should see the letters she gets from people wanting her help (more on that in Deeply, Desperately, too).

  14. Hi Tally! If I could find sanity, I'd be looking for my own. We sure do have some mixed-up crazy lives, don't we? I want to know how close you and that reporter are going to get? (At least the reporter in your life is cute!)

    Hi there, Luanne. I'm hoping you're right about that curse. A happily ever after sounds really good to me right now.

    Hi Charlotte. Sorry, can't help you with that author thing. I wish I had that ability. It would come in handy--especially when I'm dealing with that darn curse. But if you ever lose anything--I'm your girl.

  15. Lucy, I already am psychic. I know something's going on between Jillian Hart and Tom Stewart. Get your matchmaking father busy and have him bust those two up and get Tom and me in the same ... oh, this is PG? Okay, get us in the same room so we can get busy with what WE'RE supposed to be doing.

    Oh. And I lost my hoop earring last week at the morgue. Can you help me out with that?

    Yours truly, madly,

    Lydia Monk
    Assistant County Coroner
    Mercy, SC

  16. Hi Lucy,Love your Boots!! Working for Sam and Sean "A Dream Come True" My resume has Great References..I will Consult with Luanne..and Bribe her with "German Chocolate Cake 7 Layers and a Cappuchino..She might have a few she would share..any curses I might know about,I did say might would only be Good Ones,because if its an Evil one,I could be struck by lightening.: ( later Susan..

  17. Elizabeth, you can hang out with me any time. We can use some sane people around.

    Hi Janet, I can definitely help with the cheese grater and baby items. I once found my father's thong bathing suit. I kid you not.

    Skye, we could make a really good team--because my family could use a good psychologist. Maybe we can work something out?

    Hi there, Linda. Oblivious does have some benefits. I'm okay with denial, too. Some days I just want to stay in my little beach cottage (with Sean and my various critters of course) and pretend the outside world doesn't exist. Tension? What tension? :)

    Lydia, Lydia. My father can only match *true* loves, so if you're not prepared to hear the truth, you may want to stay away. I'll have to touch your palm to get a reading on the earring, but I'm afraid of where it may be. How many autopsies have you done lately?

    Susan, a girl should be so lucky to work for Sean and Sam. Well, if they get rid of that curse plaguing their receptionists. I might have to help them with that... (And you know I'm not above a little bribery.)

  18. Hi, Lucy. Love your name. Love your ability. There are times I feel like I have ESP. You know, that deja vu moment when you're sure you have been someplace before and then you guess the next thing that's going to happen? On the other hand, I like surprises and I'm not sure I'd like to know everything in the future. Like you know about your own future love?


  19. Hi Lucy. I was waiting for you to appear on this blog.
    Isn't it a great place to chat.
    I am so looking forward to reading your next story.
    Your family and friends are so colorful and interesting which, I hope means more fun stories in the Lucy Valentine series.
    Please come back and chat with us again.

  20. Lucy is Dovie around? I just Love That Cottage,and Dovie so close by..Its a good thing Lucy ,one never knows what you will be up to and .We feel safer knowing that.Now About "The Whatever They want me to Do"Job for Sam and Sean..I have a few "Secrets" even you and Dovie have no Idea about..Please have them consider me for the Position..I remain..Susan..Desperate For Deeply Desperately..Just a few more weeks ..Yea..

  21. Lucy A note to Heather,Avery and Dovie... Has a New Cheese Bonnie Bouche and Double cream cremont It could be The same,But will Bring some to Boston ,Lucy for you to taste...Would be Great for you and Sean to share with Crackers sitting by The FirePlace..

  22. Oh, Avery. You've hit the heart of the matter. Valentines can match everyone else--just not themselves. In our family it's called "Cupid's Curse." Sometimes I really hate that little cherub.

    Hi Annette--there will be at least two more books in the series--lots of fun and mayhem to be had. With a family like mine how can there not be?

    Susan, Dovie is always around. Always. But she does know when to make herself scarce (wink, wink). Yes, she's that desperate for a great-grandchild (not going to happen. Right, Heather? RIGHT?). Dovie especially loves cheese, so she'd love to try a sample. We should give some to Avery too...

  23. Yes, she's that desperate for a great-grandchild (not going to happen. Right, Heather? RIGHT?).

    Mwa-ha-ha! I'm not telling.

  24. Lucy,If a Baby is in your future,What a Beautiful Child..I think Twins.would be Great...BTW,,How is your Mom Doing?Her Secrets could fill a Book..You think.?.We just Love reading about The Valentines..The Cheese from Vt,of course is for all of us.I'm sure Avery could open a Shop near your Home and you can Pickup all sorts of Homemade Specialties..Sean is Quite a good well..If He is The One..Now I am having concerns..Oh no..Someone else???

  25. Loved "Truly, Madly" and can't wait for "Deeply, Desparately"!!

  26. Susan, I'm not telling! Just have to wait and see.

    Hi signlady! Thanks for coming by. Not too long to wait for DD--it'll be on shelves before you know it. (August 3rd for anyone keeping track of that sort of thing!)

  27. I think this was Great Lucy,and getting to meet all your friends who are waiting and yes counting the Days till DD is out,,You keep us wondering and want to have this go on for a very long time,because there is no way we can get tired of you and all that Happens,will happen with The Valentine Clan and others we haven't met yet..See you Aug 3rd.

  28. Thank you, Susan! :)

    Oh, and Heather says thanks, too.

  29. Hi Lucy,

    I'm not sure I would enjoy being psychic but I would like to know how to defend myself from the "evil eye". I get it on a regular basis from my Sicilian mother in law because I married her only child. There are only so many charms and red ribbons that one can hang from one's self. Any tips? Also, your gift must drain your energy at times so how do you recharge?

    So looking forward to the release date! I pre-ordered so after a day of number crunching it will be a treat to come home to a new book in the mailbox.

  30. Hi Lucy, I would love to be psychic--even a tiny bit! Think how easy it would be to make decisions if we knew the outcome. Maybe it would save me from making major mistakes in life (or not! )

  31. My partner and roommate is a professional psychic and she's really good at what she does.
    And yes, it does have ethical responsibilities!!
    Those "evil eye" things are not really what a good psychic does. I look forward to reading this story.

  32. Oh no, Lisa. You may want to talk to Nina Quinn (I'm sure she'll be showing up here in later months). Her mother has the evil eye down pat.
    (From Heather--thanks for pre-ordering, Lisa! Hope you love it.)

    Hi Mary, I wish it would stop me from making major mistakes, too. Like digging up dead bodies...I should leave that sort of thing to the police.

    Hi Charlene! Maybe your roommate can teach me what the heck I'm doing. I'm still a bit clueless about all this psychic stuff. I still don't understand why when I touch Sean's hand I see visions of our future...