Sunday, June 6, 2010


I can't remember the last time I took a vacation.  Being a software security expert in my old life meant a 100-hour week was as close as I got to "time off."  Then I became Georgiana Neverall, Lady Plumber's Apprentice, and that meant not having any extra money for vacations.  Not to mention the little problem of dead bodies turning up and causing disruptions.

But now that my license exams are behind me, the bodies are accounted for (for the moment), I have a little money saved - and there's a trade show in Reno as an excuse to make this a business expense - I'm planning an actual vacation trip!  Needless to say, I'm pretty excited at the prospect.

I've been reading up on what to do and see in Reno - when I'm not at the trade show, of course.  I want to take the dogs with me, since I really don't have anyone to take care of them if I leave them home.  I know I could ask my mother, but I can't imagine her taking care of Daisy.  Buddha maybe, he's the well-behaved one.  But the image of Sandra Neverall with a fractious Airedale on a leash?  Not gonna happen!

I could leave them with Sue, since she's one of their favorite people.  But I'd rather take the dogs with me and have Sue come along, and she said okay.  She even agreed that we'll take her SUV, which is a lot better suited to the road trip than my aging Beetle.

So now I am looking for advice about favorite places to go, things to see, restaurants, shows...  You know, all that stuff that you do on vacation - because I think I may have forgotten how this is supposed to work.  Help me out here with suggestions of things I shouldn't miss.

Oh, and anybody care to tell me which hotel is the most dog-friendly?  Send me your recommendations in the comment section here, or at, and follow me on Twitter (I'm @SinkTrap).  I'd love to hear from you!  And if you email your snail mail address to, I'll send you a postcard from Reno and tell you how the trip is going!!

Now, back to scanning the Web for cool vacation ideas!

Georgiana Neverall, Plumber's Apprentice

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  1. I *love* your dog being named Buddha. Ha!

    Those dead bodies turning up everywhere can sure disrupt a vacation, can't they?

  2. Dead bodies of any kind can disrupt a lot of stuff! I remember one time when I was a kid, our plumbing backed up, and when my stepdad dug it out, he found that the problem was a dead possum! Ick!

  3. Hey Georgiana,

    I've never been to Reno before so I can't help you much. Have you googled "pet-friendly hotels?" I'm sure there's several in Reno.

    I do hope that you and Sue do not run into "bodies" while vacationing.

  4. Thanks for the reminder, Dru. Try this one, Georgiana:

    Cute doggie pictures on that website!

  5. Anyone who brings along their dog on vacation is OK with me.
    You rock Georgiana.

  6. I went to Reno a couple of years ago for the RWA conference. Lots of fun, though I really didn't leave the hotel!

    Very cool that Georgiana is sending postcards from the road.

  7. Wayne and I went to Vegas a couple of times while we were still married, but never to Reno ... can't wait to hear about the trip. Good luck traveling with the pooches!

  8. Not sure how you are getting to/from Reno from the coast, but if you can stop at Crater Lake one way or the other,it's a gorgeous place. There's some really scenic areas around Reno as well - Carson City and Lake Tahoe being the obvious ones. Have a great trip with your lucky dogs!!

  9. Georgiana -- Hope you get some good pet-friendly suggestions. Hope you have a great trip, too! By the way, I've impressed my husband by sharing some of your plumbing tips! Keep 'em coming.


  10. I've never been to Reno, so I'm no help at all. Good luck with your canine friends.I bet lots of places would take them.

  11. I've only been thru Reno but didn't stay.
    Love the names Daisy and Buddha! Ha!

  12. Road trip! What fun to hit the road with your best friend and your dogs. Have a wonderful time. I hope you're going to send us updates!

    ~ Krista

  13. Take your beloved canine someplace warm. Let him run on beaches, splash in the surf, and go to doggie parks. How about the Outer Banks of NC? You can come play with Haviland! Yours, Olivia Limoges

  14. Wherever you go, make sure the plumbing's in good shape. You work hard enough. I sure appreciated your plumbing tips. If we find ourselves in the same place, I'll buy you a drink!

  15. I've been to Rena in July and the summer storms are something t behold. Sheets of rain, lightening, ground shaking thunder. But then the sun comes out and its hot!