Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Letter to Our Customers

It’s October! I’m caught between enjoying the beauty and comfortable temperatures of the season and wondering where another year has gone.

Though Bailey’s is open year-round, a part of our vendor population has closed up shop and headed home until next spring. I’m still seeing a few tomatoes and some of the sweetest peaches I’ve ever tasted, but for the most part the fresh fruits and vegetables are done for the year.

Of course, since we’re open every day, you’ll still have a great time shopping at Bailey’s. Our artist vendor population continues to grow. Our most recent creative additions are handmade turquoise jewelry and some watercolors that perfectly capture South Carolina's beautiful countryside.

We’ll still have fresh eggs, herbs, wildflowers (Abner's top-secret ways keep the flowers coming), pies, breads, jams and preserves, and a baked potato cart that has become one of Monson’s most popular lunch attractions. A number of other local farmers and artists have also been in touch; we’re growing even during the slower times.

So, though the busy season has come to a close, we’re still plenty busy around here and we look forward to serving you, our friends and loyal Bailey’s customers.

Best Wishes,
Allison Reynolds
Bailey’s Farmers’ Market Manager

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  1. I love that you're staying open year-round--and it sounds like you're a good place to buy gifts, too, since you've got jewelry and watercolors!

  2. Good point, Elizabeth. And, see you there, Janet.


  3. I'll be right there - I need some eggs, herbs, wildflowers, pies, breads, jams, preserves, and one of your beautiful pumpkins! Okay, maybe six pumpkins. AND a baked potato.

  4. Hi Bailey,

    Now I want a baked potato for lunch.


  5. I've always loved turquise jewelry. I'll bet you've got some gorgeuous stuff there!

  6. Hi, Laine, Skye and signlady -- Come on over!

    The pumpkins are amazing this year!

    The jewelry is beautiful -- particularly the bracelets.

    And, the baked potato cart is quite the attraction. My favorite one has barbequed pulled pork, cheddar cheese and a small dollop of sour cream.

    I'm kind of hungry too!

    Thanks, and I'll look for you all.


  7. Only three more weekends here before the farmers market here (which is held on the Capitol Square) moves indoors for the winter. Somehow, it's never quite the same once November comes.

  8. I agree, Heather -- everything feels different. I always look forward to spring returning!


  9. Allison,
    Your first adventure was great. Looking forward to the next book. The farmers market always has something new to try.