Monday, October 18, 2010

What Am I Supposed to Do Here?

Bennett Marshfield
Owner of Marshfield Manor
(from Grace Under Pressure by Julie Hyzy)


I'm not quite certain I'm doing this correctly.
Am I? Hello?

I may be getting up there in years, but you shouldn't believe what they say about teaching old dogs new tricks. I intend to get the hang of this blogging venture before our author finds out I'm sneaking around here.

Do you know Gracie? She started working for me less than a year ago and already I wonder what the place did without her. The care and upkeep of Marshfield Manor takes time and effort. Most of all it takes dedication, and Gracie has that in spades. I think she loves this place almost as much as I do.

Wait, I'm digressing. Oh, but that's acceptable on a blog, isn't it?

Grace asked me to tell you that her next adventure has a title. The second book will be called GRACE INTERRUPTED. Yes, I know it won't be out until June of 2011, but we around here are all very excited about its release. Having the first story come out gave us the chance to get to know one another better. We characters just sit around in our author's head until we pop out on paper, you understand. When that happens, we come to life and even though I'm upwards of 70, I still feel the thrill every time I get a turn "onstage."

Have you met all of us? I know that Grace has been here, as has Frances. Bruce and Scott popped in last month and I think even Ronny Tooney has been by to have his say.

Have you read Grace Under Pressure? Do you have a favorite character? Let us know. Don't feel pressured to say that you like me best. I'm too old to get offended.

Bennett Marshfield, owner of Marshfield Manor


  1. You were all very helpful when I was down there searching for Gracie!

  2. How nice to see you again, Willow. Yes, we had quite a scare there. I appreciate you looking out for our girl. Hope you can make it to Marshfield again soon under happier circumstances. I know Gracie intends a trip to Elderberry Bay to visit you. Perhaps I will accompany her.


  3. Very nice to meet you, Bennett!

    Of course, you're my favorite character.


  4. Hello, Skye,
    Very nice to meet you, too. You just made this old man blush.


  5. This is very intriguing..I heard you are quite the Gentleman..but you have another side..Nice to meet you Bennett..Will visit again..

  6. Hi Bennett,

    I like you all equally.

  7. Oh, Susan. Don't we all?
    I look forward to your visit.

    Dru - Well said and very diplomatic. I look forward to meeting you.


  8. It is so wonderful to hear from you Bennett.
    You did a fantastic job on your first blog.
    Besides Grace, you are my favorite character.
    I have just one problem with this series.
    i don't think I can wait until June, 2011 for the next installment.
    Can't you do something, anything to push those publishers?
    Please come and visit us again soon.

  9. Welcome, Bennett - so glad you stopped in. Not to embarrass you, but I cannot help it that you are my favorite character. Grace's roommates tie for a close second, but you, sir, are so endearingly elegant.

    Just don't tell Frances she's not my favorite, please?