Monday, November 29, 2010

The Lola Cruz Christmas Story

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I'm a private eye, but you know, I had to start at the beginning just like everyone else.  Maybe even a few steps back from the beginning.  But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.  I'm Lola Cruz, a PI for Manny Camacho's private investigation firm in Sacramento, California.  My family says I'm loca, but they don't understand my passion.  It started when I was fourteen years old and I snapped pictures of Jack Callaghan doing the horizontal salsa in the back seat of a car with Greta Pritchard. That’s when I knew for sure I’d grow up to be a private eye.

See, I’d hidden under the bleachers at the high school, followed him to the levy, even disguised my voice and called his mother to find out his plans so I’d know where to set up my surveillance. It had taken a month of steadfast determination, and at least four rolls of film, before I got proof that Jack was messing around–no, having sex–with Greta while he was supposedly dating Laura something-or-other.

My mother called him un mujeriego–a player. I didn’t care. I just wanted him to do to me what he’d done to Greta.

Lola Cruz Mysteries, Book 1
Back in high school, Jack and my brother, Antonio, made their way through the cheerleaders, then the Future Female Leaders of America. But Jack didn’t give me, little Lola Cruz, the time of day.
“I’ll never get to do that with him!” I’d wailed to my sister Gracie when I showed her the pictures I had of him and Greta.
She’d looked longingly at the photos. “Yeah,” she sighed heavily. “But at least you can look at him whenever you want.” Then she got serious. “And, more importantly, you discovered what you’re good at. Now you won’t be stuck working at Abuelita’s for the rest of your life.”
If I hadn’t been determined to figure out why the hottest guy at school, and my brother’s best friend, completely ignored me, I might never have discovered my proclivity for surveillance and undercover work.
Gracie was right. I’d never confess that I’d taken photos of Jack, but once I had them in my hot little hands, there was no way I was parting with them. He was my fantasy.
My favorite picture of Jack still had a place in my dresser drawer, fifteen years later. He stood bare-chested, his business with Greta was done. He was just seventeen years old and his smoky blue eyes seemed trained directly on me, as if he was staring through the shrubs to where I was hidden.
Lola Cruz Mysteries, Book 2
I was pretty sure Jack Callaghan didn’t know I’d been a teenage stalker. Even though I still had a secret longing that he’d do to me what he’d done to Greta Pritchard, my embarrassment at invading his privacy, and my anger that I’d never be anything more to him than Antonio’s little sister, kept me far, far away from him. I avoided him at all costs so that I wouldn’t break down and confess in a moment of guilty Catholic repentance.
That wasn't hard considering he lived miles and miles away from me (232, to be exact).  Still, I'd never been able to fully wash him out of my hair, so to speak.  
I’d been in and out of relationships, but those old photos of Jack reminded me of what I’d lost, even though I’d never had it. Or him.
Still, while Jack–and his untamed libido–had never given me an orgasm (well, at least not person-to-person), he had done something earth-moving for me. I was Dolores Cruz, a.k.a. Lola P.I. Thanks to him, I’d answered my calling.
If you want to read more about just how easily Jack Callaghan waltzes in and out of my life, here's a little holiday story called The Lola Cruz Christmas Story, A Prequel for your amusement.  Happy Holidays!
Question of the day for you: 
Do you love holiday books and stories with your favorite characters as much as I do?

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  1. I normally don't read holiday-themed book, but so far I've read a couple and I've enjoyed them because they showcase the holiday spirit. It's fun seeing our characters partake in the holiday celebrations.

  2. LOL, stalker/PI. Fine line. I love Lola and can't wait to see what kind of merry mischief she's getting into!

  3. I enjoy holiday books ... particularly if they feature characters I adore (like Lola!). Holidays bring emotions to the fore, and we can learn a lot about people (including characters!) by seeing how they celebrate.

  4. I'm off to read your story and find out. Jingle jingle.

  5. I love holiday books! My great is to write one myself someday. I look forward to reading yours very, very soon!