Friday, November 19, 2010

My Favorite Thanksgiving

by 7-year-old Oliver Kennedy (from Laura Alden's Murder at the PTA)

Hi. I wrote this report for school and my mom said it was so good I should put it up on the Internet. I’m not sure, since I didn’t get an A. It was only a B+. My sister Jenna says that’s because I spelled turky wrong. But why should there be an “e” between the “k” and the “y”? You don’t have to put an “e” in lucky. Or in ducky.

Here’s the report: My Favorite Thanksgiving.

My favorite Thanksgiving was when I was little. It was at my Grandma Emmerling’s house in Michigan, way up north. My aunts and uncles and cousins were all there and the house got so crowded that Grandma said us kids would have to eat outside.

There was snow on the ground and everything but Grandma has a picnic table so it would have been okay. I went to get my coat and everybody started laughing. Now I would have known Grandma was joking, but I was too little to know back then.

I know about being little. I’m the littlest one in the whole family. The littlest grandson, the littlest brother, the littlest cousin, the littlest nephew. The good thing is that they don’t make me sit at a kids table on Thanksgiving. I get to sit with everybody else. On my favorite Thanksgiving, the one up at Grandma Emmerling’s, they even let me make the first toast.

When I said I’d have to go to the kitchen first to make toast, everybody laughed. Mom didn’t laugh, though. She told me about they were talking about a different kind of toast. The kind where a person says something special about the day, or the people at the table.

That sounded okay. I thought a minute and figured out what to say. Here it is: “To Thanksgiving Day. I like being here with all my aunts and uncles and cousins and my grandma. It’s nice to have a family. And really nice to have this family.”

My mom wiped her eyes with her napkin and lots of people said, “Hear, hear.” I thought that meant they didn't hear me and I started to say it all over again, but Grandma said I didn't have to. We all clinked glasses and I didn’t even spill any water. Then we passed around the turky and I ate until my stomach hurt.

It was my favorite Thanksgiving ever.


That was my report. Mom says that now I should ask everyone out there about their favorite Thanksgiving. So does anyone else have a favorite Thanksgiving? Or a favorite Thanksgiving thing to eat?


  1. I was about ten or eleven. I'd been growing quickly and was always hungry. The aunts and uncles kept encouraging me to go back for more. I still think of Thanksgiving as the day you can eat all you want.

    But maybe not quite that much pumpkin pie on one day.

  2. My favorite Thanksgiving was when I was finally able to sit at the "grown-up" table and felt like an adult and yes I listened to all the "grown-up" talks.

  3. Willow, those aunts and uncles probably thought it was funny that you ate so much. I bet they still tell stories about that Thanksgiving!

    Dru, hope all the grown-up talk wasn't too boring :)

  4. Oliver---That was a beautiful Thanksgiving toast. One of the best I've ever heard. I wish you another Happy Thanksgiving and enough turkey to make your stomach hurt.

  5. Excellent report! I love cornbread stuffing...creamed corn...corn souffle. And oh yes, anything with pumpkin.

  6. From Oliver:

    Thanks, Mrs. Sefton!

    Mrs. Kennedy, I like pumkin things, too, but creamed corn looks like...uh-oh, Mom says I shouldn't write that. She says the polite thing is just to say I don't care for creamed corn.

  7. What a great Thanksgiving memory!

    I am not sure I have a favorite Thanksgiving memory, except when I was stationed overseas and all of us unaccompanieds would get together and try our hand at a potluck meal.

    My favorite thing to eat on turkey day is my husband's green bean casserole. That and a slice of turkey and maybe a little mashed potatoes on the side or ever....

  8. Awww, sweet. Great toast!

    My favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie. Yum!

  9. Oliver, I have one big memory of all the Thanksgiving Days spent at my Grandma Hughes' with a total of about 40 aunts, uncles, and cousins. We DID have a kids table, but there were lots of kids and it was fun. I think we had two. They were both inside. My Grandma was Swedish and baked really good stuff for the holidays!

  10. Oliver, how sweet! I have lots of good memories for Thanksgiving. I can't pin it down to one. Hugs,