Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanksgiving in Memphis—by Lulu Taylor

Delicious and Suspicious

Ahh…Thanksgiving! Of course I’m going to love Thanksgiving—I’m all about giving thanks for my wonderful family and all my blessings. And, of course, there is the food part of the holiday, which also makes it fun!

Yes, it all comes together to make for a wonderful time—nice, cool (but not cold) weather, enough tourists to keep things hopping, but not too many crowds.

And boy, do we heap on the food! In the Taylor family, we’re not usually filling up on the turkey, either—it’s all about the fixings. It’s mashed potatoes, lima beans, corn pudding, dressing, and pecan pie!

But…my family celebrates Thanksgiving the weekend after the big day. That’s because Thanksgiving is always a real busy day at Aunt Pat’s Barbeque restaurant.

You might not think of a barbeque restaurant as a good place to go on Thanksgiving, but good food is always popular, no matter what day it is. And some folks just aren’t up to cooking a full Thanksgiving meal.

So my question for my American friends, let me ask you—have you ever celebrated Thanksgiving in an alternate way? At an unusual place? Or eating foods other than turkey?

Lulu Taylor
Delicious and Suspicious
by Riley Adams—Mystery Writing is Murder


  1. We always have the traditional Thanksgiving meal which includes turkey, however, one year we forgot to get turkey so we had chicken instead.

  2. My parents like the traditional menu - and it's good, but I like to spice things up a little. My garlic mashed potatoes horrified them at first, but now they ask me for them.

  3. I'm traditional all the way--and I think I'd be so sad to do something not traditional. But never say never, right?

  4. I once had Thanksgiving at Disneyworld.
    Thanksgiving a la Buffet...

    We do have the traditional with one or two new dishes to try. If we like, we keep.

  5. We're a traditional bunch for the most part. Our tradition also includes lots of chocolate - cake, pies, cookies.

    Thoughts in Progress

  6. Traditional here, too. My mom hosted Thanksgiving from the time I was very little. My brother took it over and I'm thrilled. This time of the year is always deadline time. My turn comes at Christmas, where I always try something new.

  7. Hi Lulu,

    In Scumble River everything is traditional. Once I brought a yummy paté for Thanksgiving and none of my cousins would even taste it!


  8. Dru--And it probably tasted better! We're not huge turkey fans in our house...

    Willow Vanderling from Threadville--MMM! Those sound good. Everything is better with garlic! (And butter...and bacon...and...)

    Heather--Sometimes it's fun to shake things up a little...but there's a lot of comfort in tradition.

    KeLLy ann--Wow--A Disney Thanksgiving! That actually sounds like fun, although all the traditionalists in my family would never go for it!

    Mason--Any kind of tradition involving chocolate sounds good to me!

    Julie--Good for your brother! That's nice that you get a little time freed up in your November. :)

    Skye--Isn't it funny how some folks really balk at not following tradition? That pate sounds good!

  9. It's not Thanksgiving, but for some reason this reminds me of A Christmas Story and going to the Chinese Restaurant because it is the only place open Christmas Day: fa ra ra ra ra.... *snort*

    My best alternative Thanksgiving was an 'orphan' thanksgiving when I was in college--I am from a college town and my best friend's mom did a huge dinner for a bunch of college kids who couldn't get home--there was a big Trivial Pursuit tournement, great food, and a general good time by all. (nice, too, that it was at night, so I'd gotten to do the family meal in the afternoon first--always like a holiday you get to have twice)

  10. Hi Lulu, two of us are vegetarians so we have pasta! I know it sounds a little unusual, but we still have all the side dishes. One year I bought a "tofukey" and forgot to defrost it in time. It was as hard a bowling ball. Oy! So...time for veggie lasagna.

  11. Hart--That sounds like a lot of fun! And a good way to celebrate the holiday when you and your friends couldn't get back home. Sounds like she was a great substitute mom for everyone!

    Mary--Sounds perfect! We love our pasta at Aunt Pat's! Veggie lasagna sounds like fun. :)

  12. My husband is a hunter and we are in the U.P. of Michigan at thanksgiving time. I make two pecan pies, take them to share at our friend Jane's bar and grill. She cooks up a storm(with help from family and friends). Turkey, stuffing,the works plus venison stew. And it's all at no cost to the hunters that come. And it's a good time with a dash of football thrown in. Sure beats roasting and cooking for me : D

  13. Do something untraditional on Thanksgiving? Horrors! I'm very stubborn about Thanksgiving, and my family is too: Thanksgiving is always at home, and always pretty much the same foods. But a few years ago, our turkey was still frozen bowling-ball hard on Thanksgiving morning. I Googled the problem, cooked it from frozen as directed--and it was so moist, juicy, and flavorful, I've done it that way ever since.

  14. Like Sophie Winston, I love a traditional Thanksgiving. For a few years, though, I had a Lulu Thanksgivings bussing tables and manning a buffet.

    ~ Krista

  15. Rita--That sounds like a lot of fun! A bar and grill, pecan pies, and no turkey cooking? I'll sign up for that!

    Laineshots--Now THAT is really interesting! I had no idea that it would turn out so well. I may have to give it a go!

    Krista--I didn't know this!! See, the things you learn about your friends on a blog... :)

  16. I guess some of you might think our Cajun Thanksgiving menu is untraditional. Every big holiday meal starts off with gumbo. We serve turkey, oyster dressing several vegetables, and top it off with lots of pies.

  17. Looking forward to reading your book this month. It arrived in the mail last week.

    I am retired Air Force, so have celebrated Thanksgiving in a lot of different places. One of the niftiest was in Italy where we were TDY for October through January. The hotel we were billeted in created a Thanksgiving feast of a lot of different pastas and side dishes and a lotta lotta wine. The hotel restaurant peeps were just so sweet to us.
    Other Thanksgivings have always been about friends as much as family, especially when we were all unaccompanied. Potluck Thanksgiving can be so much fun no matter where you are.