Friday, February 4, 2011

Cold Weather and Comfort Foods

delicious and suspiciousHi everybody—it’s Lulu Taylor here.  Hope everybody has a great weekend planned.  I think it’s going to be a really chilly one here in Memphis…I just took a gander at the forecast.

One of the nice things about living in Memphis, usually, is the weather.  Ordinarily our winter temperatures in January and February are in the low-to-mid fifties.  While it’s not as toasty as it could be, it’s so much better than than what we’re having right now—highs in the 30s and a chance of snow!  There is nothing ordinary about the crazy weather we’ve been having lately.

It’s been a crazy winter, and that’s for sure.  Of course, we’ve had it a far sight better than a lot of the U.S.  Blizzards?  Freezing rain?  Rolling power outages?  Ack!

When the weather outside is frightful, like it’s been so frequently this winter, I turn to comfort foods to warm me up a little from the inside.   Because nothing is more comforting than a full tummy in a snowstorm.

At the restaurant, our Brunswick stew, smokehouse chili, and bread pudding will become our most popular menu items.  I guess our customers are all looking for a little comfort, too.

At home, I’ll keep the comfort coming with meatloaf, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and chicken pot pie.

When it’s nasty weather outside, what comfort foods do y’all turn to?   And—what’s the weather like where you are?

Stay warm! 

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams
Mystery Writing is Murder


  1. Elizabeth - What a great connection between bad weather and comfort foods. My favourite comfort food is baked chicken and rice. Oh, and cocoa helps a lot :-).

  2. There's nothing like a bowl of soup and grilled cheese sandwich to keep me warm.

  3. Mexican, Italian, or Indian dishes can warm and spice a wintry evening. I like winter to be white. I'm not sure this much snow is needed, though.

  4. Hi, Lulu. I'm big on soup. And I love hot chocolate in a storm. And then there's fondue. Oh, my. I love fondue.

    ~Charlotte Bessette (from A Cheese Shop Mystery series), just in case you don't know me yet.

  5. Almond butter is my comfort food -- on toast, in a sandwich, mixed with a few added ingredients it's a great dipping sauce and of course, by the spoonful!
    Lots of snow here and windchill values I'd rather not think about. But, it is winter.

  6. Margot--Mmm...baked chicken with rice and cocoa! Sounds like a winner.

    Dru--I haven't had a grilled cheese for a while--may have to have one for supper tonight! Good idea.

    Janet--It's a little excessive, isn't it? White is one thing, but white-out is another!

    Sophie--Oh, I'd just LOVE some chocolate pudding right now!

    Charlotte--I think fondue and cheese sounds right up your alley! I would love to run by your shop...maybe one day I can make a trip. :)

    Erika--Almond butter sounds divine right now! And I don't think it's even that bad for us, is it? Hope you'll stay inside and stay nice and warm. :)

  7. I like warm things, like Frito Pie, or Chili and Rice, or Hot Chicken Salad...

  8. Gotta be chocolate for me! But despite the fact it wasn't all that chocolatey, I found all the food you dished out in Delicious and Suspicious sounded so comforting. My mouth watered all through the book. It has made me want to visit!

  9. I love homemade stew with cornbread. Stay warm.

  10. I'm in Dallas where we had 5 inches of snow overnight on top of the ice from Tuesday. It has not gotten above freezing this week! Now granted we don't have it as bad as other parts of the country, but we're in Texas...we are not prepared for this!
    Nothing like a steaming bowl of homemade steak soup and cornbread. Or my husband's amazing chili.

  11. I love hearty meals such as homemade chicken noodle soup and beef stew for cold and stormy days. We had almost 19 inches of snow from the blizzard earlier this week, just perfect for tomato soup and grilled cheese.