Monday, February 7, 2011

Pizza is my life

Crafty By Andy Rust

From Lorraine Bartlett's A CRAFTY KILLING, the first book in the Victoria Square Mysteries

When I was a teenager, I got into trouble.  BIG trouble.  With a car.  It didn't belong to me.

I don't want to get into all the whys and wherefores, but suffice to say that my first job saved my life -- in more ways than one.

I went to college to be an accountant.  Accountants make lots of $$$.  I wanted lots of money because I wanted fancy cars.  And then one day . . . I didn't.  I mean, I still wanted the cars, but I didn't want to work in a stuffy office day in and day out to get them.  Wearing a white shirt and a dark tie and sitting in front of a computer from nine until five.  I'd sit in front of clients and be lost in thoughts of dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings.

I took out student loans and studied my glutes off and what did I want to do with my life?

Pizza I wanted to open a pizza parlor.

But I couldn't do that without money.  So I worked an extra year and (with gritted teeth) moved back in with my parents and saved nearly every penny I earned.  And when Angelo's Pizzeria came on the market--I gave a lowball bid--AND GOT IT!


And I went into hock.

Unfortunately, the former owner made enemies of his neighbors on Victoria Square.  I inherited that hostility, and . . . then that little problem with the car back in my high school days came back to haunt me.  Being persona non grata is not a fun position to be in.

And then my life changed.  A great looking babe named Katie Bonner entered the scene . . . she befriended me. Things changed.  For the better.

And if you want to know just how . . . well, you'll have to read about it for yourself.

But I'm not above to being bribed.

Try me.
Lorraine Bartlett not only writes the Victoria Square Mysteries, she writes the New York Times bestselling Booktown Mysteries as Lorna Barrett, and the Jeff Resnick Mysteries as L.L. Bartlett


  1. Pizza - yum! Looking forward to reading this great new series! Will you give us some hints about making great pizza?

  2. So true that we have to follow our passion--even if we trained for something else! Sounds like you and Katie are a good team.

  3. A pizza place and a Victoria Square with shops. A perfect setting for murder? Hmmm. Guess I'll have to read more. Sounds yummy. Your job and your love.


  4. I do plan to try you -- as soon as my copy arrives. I'm totally intrigued and look forward to getting caught up in the Victoria Square mysteries. And, I love pizza!

  5. I love a good murder and a good pizza, not in any particular order though. Andy you need to hire a cute pizza girl to work in the store... then you'll have the pimple faced crowd eating there to meet the cute girl. Make a ton of money and buy the fancy car. LOL

  6. *Yawn* sorry to miss your comments. Pizza guys work late and sleep late. Hmm ... including pizza tips in a future book. Have to discuss that with the author. (Look out next book where I will be sharing a dynamite recipe.)

    Nora, most of my customers get their pizzas delivered (I have to hire two kids for most nights), so hiring a cute girl wouldn't work for me. (And ... uh ... a certain lady might not like that, anyway.)

  7. Andy, I'm so glad Katie entered your life and thing started looking up. I've read some pretty good things about your pizza!

    ~ Krista

  8. Mmm... pizza. You're making my stomach growl, Andy. I just love your story and can't wait to read more about you. Thanks for the visit!

  9. Welcome, Andy! I thought you added lots of zing to Katie's adventure. I have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot more from you in the future.

  10. Andy, It is so nice to meet you. I look forward to reading more about you.

  11. I love trying everyone's pizza. Perhaps I'll take a trip up north for a slice or two.