Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lordy, How Did I Get Into This One?

By Reagan Summerside from Duffy Brown's Iced Chiffon, coming in March 2012

Yoo-hoo, Reagan Summerside here and I have some mighty fine advice for you all. See that there paper below, never, ever sign it!

I did when I was young, dumb and in love. Now I’m thirty-two, divorced and broke. The things we do under the influence of a handsome man and raging hormones! Mercy!

My dear ex, that would be Hollis Beaumont the Third, went and kicked me to the curb for a younger model I now non-affectionately refer to as Cupcake.

The only thing Hollis left me in our divorce is our Victorian, Cherry House, named after the cherry tree in the front yard loaded with April blooms. Is there anything more breath-taking than Savannah in the spring?

The reason Hollis let me have the house is so he wouldn’t look like a total jackass to the good folks of Savannah. Everyone knows I’m the one who’s rehabbing the place. I’d loved Cherry House when I was a kid and watched it fall apart bit-by-bit. I knew I could save it. That I’d never hammered or sawed a thing in my life didn’t deter my should have.

I give Haunted Savannah tours to those visiting here. What else can I do with a Southern history degree? But I don’t make enough to even pay the taxes on the on Cherry House. So, I’ve decided to open a consignment shop on the first floor. I’m calling it the Prissy Fox.

It’s never easy to get a new store started and things haven't improved one bit since the day I borrowed Hollis' Lexus without him knowing it. I needed to deliver a clock from my shop to a snooty customer. When I opened the Lexus trunk there was Cupcake in the back, wrapped in plastic and dead as Lincoln. Sweet mother!

Now Hollis has gotten himself arrested and he intends to sell Cherry House to pay his legal fees to that no-good, scum-sucking, low-rent lawyer, Walker Boone who--with Hollis--screwed me over in the divorce.

I’m here to tell you I simply can not let that happen! I’ll go and find the real killer myself and save the blasted lawyer fees. How hard can it be?

If I just hadn’t signed that prenup!

So I ask you, have you ever signed or agreed to something you regretted? Lordy, how do we get ourselves into such things and live to tell about it!

And I do tell all about it in Iced Chiffon, the first in my new series Consignment: Murder. Iced Chiffon won’t be out till March 2012, but that’s just fine and dandy as I’ll have time to introduce you to Auntie KiKi, Elsie and AnneFritz Abbott who live on the other side of me, and Detective Aldeen Ross who is forever trying to lose a few pounds. My mamma, Judge Gloria Summerside known in legal circles as Guillotine Gloria, may stop by. Maybe that scallywag, Walker Boone, might show up, wanting to put in his two-cents.

I have two copies of my romance book, Hot Southern Nights, to give away to a lucky commenter as we sit here on the veranda at Cherry House, sip sweet tea and chat a spell.


  1. I definitely have agreed to more than a few things that I later end up regretting. I have the "Just Can't Say No" syndrome. I always hate disappointing people even though I know I will be the one overwhelmed. Like the time I offered to "help" plan the Girl Scout Day camp for our area. Next thing I knew I was the director of it for two years. It was fun but definitely not what I originally agreed to.

    Iced Chiffon looks like a great book. I can't wait until it comes out. I checked out your website & reading about the characters made me smile. It will be a lot of fun getting to know them. This looks like another great series to add to my must read list. Would love to win Hot Southern Nights!


  2. Duffy, so great to have you here! Iced Chiffon sounds wonderful! Can't wait to read it.

    As for doing things I've regretted... Some. Not too many, though. Lessons learned, right?

  3. I once signed a contract for cell phone service that it took me a year to get out of... does that count? Not on your level of trouble... but look, Cupcake (now, doesn't she look just like Heidi Montag??) is bound to have angered a few folks besides your ex, so get sleuthing!

  4. Hi, Everyone!

    Wonderful being at Killer Characters!

    Victoria, I've signed stuff I wish I never my ADT system that I never use. It malfunctioned once, I couldn't turn the blaring noise off for an hour and my neighbors were sharpening their pitchforks to get me thrown out of the neighborhood. Never turned the thing on again! I'd rather face the robber!

    Stacie, your Girl Scout experience had to be a ton of work but GS is so much fun for the kids. Bet you all had a blast!

  5. I can't think of anything I have signed up for and could not get out of. I must say that I can't wait for the book to come out!

  6. Oh, I can't wait for this one. I LOVE Savannah.

  7. I am looking forward to this series. Be very careful the next time you borrow a car.

    Glad you came by Killer Characters with your lively post!

  8. Savannah, consignment shop and a dead cupcake! Some of my favorite things. Can't wait to read this.

    On the flip signing of not signing things is when you should insist on contracts being signed and don't. As Heather said, lesson learned.

  9. Hi, Michelle
    You are a wise woman! I need to think before I leap.

    Hi Mary Jane
    Yes, especially if it's your ex's with a body in the trunk. :-)

    Hi Erika
    Savannah is so lovely and I've worked in a consignment shop here in Cincy for 15 years. The two together were fun to write.

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement on Iced Chiffon. I appreciate it!

  10. Sounds like a good book! No contracts come to mind, but I have (reluctantly) agreed to a few social events that I later regretted--does that count?

  11. Welcome, Duffy. I love Savannah! It's just two hours south of where I live in Charleston. Still, I don't make the trek nearly enough. Such a beautiful city. I can't wait to read about Reagan's adventures!!!

    I'm far too trusting when it comes to contracts. I've signed things without realizing that I *should* have asked more questions. Yes, I always read it through and through, despite what my dh sometimes thinks. But my mind isn't nearly devious enough to figure out what could happen. And no, I don't wish to go into any details and admit to making any foolish mistakes. ;-)

  12. Hi, Heather.
    Yes, that counts. I do that all the time too. Sounds like a great idea at the time and then I think Why did I agree to this? Come to my tupperware party, Pampered Cherf party, jewlery get the picture. I wish someone had an I'll come clean your house party. That I'm up for.

  13. Hi, Dorothy
    Charleston is fantastic. Lucky you. Such a beautiful city. You'll have to share some of your fav recipes. Love Southern cooking. Yummm.

    I need to read more and sign less. Wish I was a lawyer, all the terms make my head spin.

  14. Hi Duffy,
    Your book sounds just wonderful! Has now been added to my list...
    I have a good one for signing contracts you knew you just should not...My husband had his own business and he and his partner were taking out a major loan and I had to sign the papers also...I dragged my feet because if things went south so did my beautiful house...YUP...they did and we did lose the house...Big lesson to learn..never sign something you know you shouldn't!

  15. Reagan - thank you so much for stopping by! Can't wait to get to know you and yours a little better. :)

  16. I cosigned for a *friend* and I'll never, ever cosign for anyone that again.

    Reagan, did your mother help you at all during your divorce?

    I can't wait to read Iced Chiffon.

  17. Hi Reagan and Duffy, How exciting! I can't wait to read this new series! I can't say that I have ever signed anything that I regret unless you count the check I just signed at the grocery store - I spent way too much! :D

  18. Oh, Lordy, Noreen!
    Wow that is a lesson hard learned. I am so very sorry. Life is tough. I hope things have gotten better for you. In this economy a lot of people got hurt.

    I lent my son a ton of money for a house that went belly-up in the real estate market. I just take a deep breath and keep on going.

    Thanks for adding Iced Chiffon to you TBR pile. I truly appreciate it.

  19. Hi, Wendy. It's so much fun being here. Next time I'll write Walker Boone...the hunky lawyer who Reagan would like to shoot dead as a doornail!

  20. Hi Dru

    Cosigning is another nightmare. And a lot of times it can break up friendships. Hard to refuse a friend or family member. What can you say?

  21. Hi, Kellie.
    Grocery prices are going through the roof! I guess it's because of oil prices and transporting the items. Gas in Cincy is 3.89 a gal today.
    I'm thinking golf cart!

  22. Wonderful looking house - definitely don't want to lose that one! Can't wait to read about your detecting.

  23. Hi, Kuzlin.
    The big Southern Victorian homes in Savannah are amazing. I just had to put one in a book.
    Savannah is such a haunted city that it's just made for a mystery.

  24. Oh my! You're in a pickle! Don't lose your beloved house for that rotten no-good scoundrel.

    ~ Krista

  25. Hi, Krista.
    That is just would Reagan would think! But it's not easy as she thinks it'll be. Then again, nothing is and that is all the more fun.

  26. Reagan here.

    Wonderful chatting with you all.
    Anyone who commented on my blog and would like a copy of Dianne Castell's (my romantic side)
    Hot Southern Nights, or a Duffy Brown goodie bag, just email me at with your snail address. Let me know what you, goodie bag, both!

    See you all again in July. Maybe that scum-sucking, low-rent Walker Boone will stop by. Handsome as all getout but a total pain in the backside.