Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's a retired Police Chief gonna do?

By Bob Miller from the upcoming Mystery Book Club series by Erika Chase

Bob Miller here. Former Police Chief of Ashton Corners, Alabama. Town of 7,000 or so, lazily tucked in beside the Tallapoosa River. I say former, because I retired 13 months ago and now spend my days blissfully fishing off the small dock I’ve built at the edge of the river. I bought me a small bungalow with my savings, and I’m happy as a crappie trying to outsmart a crayfish, rather than the bad guys.

My other big pleasure in life is teasing Molly Mathews. I’ve known Molly since we were both in grade school, although our playing was done in her back yard while my mama sewed some elegant dresses for her mama. At school, well, I knew my place. But over the years we’ve stayed friends and there’s nothing I like better than teasing Molly at the monthly meetings of our Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straw Society meetings. Molly’s got this thing about Agatha Christie, but give me a James Lee Burke any day!

It’s a good group of folks, the book club, and I’d say we’ve become pretty good friends, especially after finding the body outside Molly’s house right after our first meeting. Now, that dead guy, he got my suspicions up when he was found wandering in Molly’s entry hall just a couple of hours prior to his demise. I knew he was up to something bad. I wasn’t a cop for over 30 years for nothing!

But I had to remember, I’m no longer Chief and stand back while that snotty-nosed punk Mark Dreyfus, the new Police Chief took over. I remember Dreyfus as the high school football star with a knack for getting into trouble. Not surprising, knowing his daddy and all. So he did a stint in the army. I served my bit in the Vietnam War, I’ll have y’all know. All right, so I did get into a bit of trouble with the law in my teenage years, too. But we’re talking about Mark Dreyfus here. Thinks he knows what he’s doing and he can just push me to the background. I’ll show him. There’s still some investigating left in this here old body.

Seems like he’s turning Lizzie’s Turner’s head though. She’d better watch out…I like that little lady and I’d hate to see her hurt by the likes of Dreyfus.

What do you think? Am I being too hard on the boy, as Molly keeps a telling me? Or, am I wise to keep my eye on things and make sure he doesn’t do too much damage? Especially where a certain young gal is concerned.


  1. Bob, do you really think you could *stop* keeping an eye on things?

  2. Bob, you could just sit back, read and relax. Enjoy the cheese straws and all that. Somehow I don't think that will be happening ...

  3. I'd like to drop in on your book club someday. I used to live in Montgomery, Alabama, so I'm sure your corner of the world would feel familiar. By all means, keep an eye on the guy.

  4. This is my first post on this firt trip here actually and I am just learning about the works on here. If someone where unfamiliar with the books and things on this page, what would you recommend they check out first? I will say that I can for an entry to your contest but I hope to go away with more than a gift some more good books on my to read list :)

  5. Welcome to Killer Characters, Shanna. Everyday there's a new post from a character from a mystery novel. I pop in and out every couple of days and as a result have seen my TBR list more than doubled. :-)

    On the left hand side of the blog, you can find a posting schedule, if you have a favorite author/series that you're interested in following. We have regulars and plenty of guests as well. Have fun poking around!

  6. Bob, go with your gut and those cop instincts. Isn't there a saying, once a cop always a cop?

  7. Hey, Bob. It sounds like keeping an eye on things is what you do naturally. Why fight it? And Liz might be grateful for the support one of these days.

  8. Hi Shanna! How nice to have you join us. I think Dorothy's right. You can check out the authors on the list to the left or just come back every day and join the fun!

    Bob, there's nothing wrong with keeping an eye on Dreyfus, but he hasn't done anything wrong yet, has he? Maybe you should cut him some slack and give him a chance?

    ~ Krista

  9. I'd say, it never hurts to have someone looking out for you. I'm sure Lizzie won't mind! ;-)

  10. Janet -- you're one smart cookie! You, too Mary Jane. Heather & Casey...exactly my way of thinking. Lila -- y'all are welcome anytime! Sue & Victoria, I do believe you gals know what you're talking about.
    Now, Krista...have you been talking to Molly by any chance?
    Erika tells me to say, welcome Shanna! I know you'll find some great reads on this site.

  11. Bob, sounds to me like you don't like Mark. If so, then definitely keep your eyes open, but be careful where Lizzie is concerned.