Friday, May 27, 2011


Beth Stanley from Jenn McKinlay's
Library Lover's Mystery series
which will debut on July 5, 2011

Hi, Beth Stanley here! I'm a children's
librarian at the Briar Creek Public
Library. I've been here for about
ten years ever since I graduated from
library school.
My old roommate from graduate school,
Lindsey Norris, recently took the position
of library director and it sure has been
nice having her around every day. She
is especially effective at dealing with
"the lemon". That's what I call Ms. Cole
an old school librarian that we work with
who just drives me bonkers with her love
of fines and shushing.

Anyway, Lindsey and I started a crafternoon club,
where we read books and work on a craft while we
discuss the book of the week. It's been a great
success. The locals have really taken a shine to
Lindsey. She can provide reader's advisory like
nobody's business. Seriously, she is the master
at pairing a person with the perfect book.
It's truly her gift.
Anyway, things were going great right up until
Sydney Carlisle, a children's book editor from
New York City, came to Briar Creek for
the weekend. At the prodding, okay, more like
thumbscrew coercion of the crafternoon group, I
decided to show her the children's book
I'd been working on. It did not go well. She accused
me of plagiarizing the idea from my very own boyfriend,
Rick Eckman, who just happens to be an award winning
children's book author and illustrator. I was
floored and Lindsey, well, angry would be a
dramatic understatement for what she was feeling.
Needless to say, we decided to go confront Rick about the fact that
he had clearly stolen my work. When we got to his private island in the
bay, we found him in his studio...dead. And not just dead, but murdered.
Now the police think I'm suspect number one and Lindsey is doing her
level best to prove me innocent.

But what if she can't? What if I'm put in jail for a crime I didn't commit?
What would you do? Stay and declare your innocence or run?


  1. Don't run, Beth! You need to stay and keep protesting that you're innocent. I'm sure Lindsey will find the truth.
    I'm really looking forward to reading this new series. Sounds intriguing!

  2. I agree with Erika. If you run, you'll look guilty. Stay and help Lindsey find out who killed Rick.

  3. Don't run! You and Lindsey can find the real killer if you put your heads together. One librarian is mighty powerful - two are unstoppable.

    As an elementary school librarian who loves mysteries, I'm really looking forward to this series. I can hardly wait!

  4. Stay! Running is a decision you will regret for the rest of your life! Stay and fight. You've got friends.

  5. So the decision is to stay. Okay, I'll try.
    At least I'll get my knitting done for the crafternoon club while I'm suspended from story time (sigh). Thanks, everyone! -Beth

  6. I'll be right there with LIndsey help her catch that killer and righting a wrong with regards to your book.

  7. How frightening, Beth. You need to stay and defend yourself and your work. And wow, I can't wait to read about how it all turns out!

  8. This sounds like a fun new series. I look forward to reading this first book. Now I just need to preorder the book.