Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

By Grace Terhune

Southern Beauty Shop mysteries (Lila Dare)

I suppose y'all could guess that since I make my living as a stylist, I think about hair a lot. I find myself checking out the hair on the women (and some of the men) I see when I'm out and about in St. Elizabeth. Have you ever noticed that different parts of the country seem to have slightly different trends in hairstyles? Here in the South, women still like their hair a little full and mostly long. We like up-dos for weddings and formal events. And we like our highlights!

Ladies from the northeast, if Real Housewives of New Jersey is anything to go by, like big hair, too, but they're more likely to be brunette and to actually tease their hair. Ye gods! Teasing is NOT good for your hair, ladies.

California gals like that sleek Jennifer Aniston look and midwesterners are more likely to wear their hair short or tied back in a ponytail. Must be because all that wind completely undoes a 'do.

I just let my mom cut me some bangs and do some lowlights in my hair. I like to change my style now and then--more so now that there's an interesting man or two in my life!

How do you wear your hair? do you change it up when something changes in your life? (Marriage, baby, lost job, whatever?)


  1. I'm in the Pacific Northwest and change my hair whenever I get bored. I've had it both long and super short. Right now it is short with a little flip to the ends. It is a copper color with blondish highlights. Actually, those highlights are now pink, teal, and blue. I get those colors every year for Relay for Life. They are the thyroid cancer awareness ribbon colors and since I've had thyroid cancer I wear them proudly to show I am a survivor!

  2. I keep my hair short; makes it easier when I'm on the run and running late.

  3. Hmmm, well I am from the midwest (Indiana) and I wore my hair straight or up in a ponytail most of the time.

    I now live in the south (Louisiana) and I kept it mid length, and would still pull it up in a ponytail once in a while.

    I recently cut my hair short (above the collar). I've been working out and have lost approx. 40 pounds since January, and with the heat wave and all, it was just too hot and heavy.

    I have a lot of grey in my hair, and had kept it light brown, but I am moving on to blonde (dark) this week.

    Have a grand of a day!

  4. I had it long for years, then cut it all off. It was flattering, everyone said, and I liked it, but I couldn't play with it as much. I have every kind of hair thingie imaginable! So now it's growing out again.

  5. I wish I lived near you, Grace!

  6. I'm at the mercy of my hairdresser. She suggests a change & I go for it -- I like to think I'm being adventuresome. Perhaps not.

  7. I have lived most of my life in the South but definitely am not into the Southern style hair. It is short and thick. Have red hair which is going grey so it looks like it is frosted. And have a terrible time finding someone who can cut it good. Wish I was near to you Grace.

  8. Hi ladies,

    You sound like a brave lot--changing up your hair often and going against fashion. Good for you! It's attitudes like that that help keep us stylists in business!

    Tonya--Congrats on the weight loss! Ria--I've been wanting to go reddish so maybe I'll try a copper color like yours this summer, but I don't think I'm enough of a rebel to have the pink and teal tips, although it sounds like yours are for a good cause.

  9. I live in Texas with a Midwest hairdo, since that's where I'm from. Not a ponytail, though, chin length bob. Or a little longer. Interesting observations!