Sunday, June 26, 2011

Russian Royalty

by Sylvia Brodsky
From Murder Unmentionable, 1st in the Sweet Nothings Vintage Lingerie Series by
Meg London. Coming from Berkley Prime Crime September 2012.

My name is Sylvia Brodsky. That’s B-r-o-d-s-k-y. Spent my whole life in New York—worked thirty years as a bra fitter at Macy’s—then my son decides to take a job transfer and move to Paris, Tennessee. Where the heck is Tennessee, I asked him. And he insists I come with them although I’m pretty sure I’m as welcome as the plague to my daughter-in-law, the princess. My son doesn’t want me to be alone. Granted, my health is none too good, and occasionally I do forget a pan on the stove or some toast under the broiler. The way he goes on, you’d think the fire department wasn’t paid to come out and deal with stuff like that. Besides, it was just some smoke. Nothing to get all worked up about.

I insisted on getting my own place. Got a couple of rooms over the Taffy Pull in downtown Paris. See, I got this side business going—tarot readings, séances and stuff like that. Don’t want to inconvenience my son and the wife.

Arabella has given me a job at Sweet Nothings, her vintage lingerie shop. You probably read about it in the papers. It’s the shop where that murder took place. I got to tell you, it’s pretty exciting to be right on the spot.

Did I mention that I’m descended from Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia? My son says they found DNA evidence that she died along with the rest of the family, but I don’t believe that for a minute. What do you think?


  1. I met your your sister! Seriously, I met a woman who claims she was Anastasia. Hmm, So she might have been a sister or a rival.

    Can't wait to read more about your life in Paris. You sound like a hoot!

    ~ Krista

  2. I think that, if it makes you happy to think you're descended from Anastasia, you might as well join all the others. :)

    I'm also thinking Arabella will need all the help she can get! I'll have to pick up a Sweet Nothings book and see.

  3. You sound like a wonderful character! I can see I need to add this new series to my cosy collection soon!

  4. Sylvia,
    I'm from NY, too. We're an independent group. Don't let that Arabella push you around. She's lucky to have you helping her in her lingerie shop. Remind her that help is expensive these days.

  5. You are royalty? Really? I love people who are royals or descended from royals. There's so much history. Wow!


  6. I think there are many wonderful, mysterious things going on, especially in Paris!