Monday, July 4, 2011

What's an independent guy to do?

written by Matthew Bessette
from LOST AND FONDUE by Avery Aames


That did I get myself into this mess?

Do you have a clue what I'm going through?

No, of course you don't. I'm Matthew Bessette, Charlotte's cousin and partner in Fromagerie Bessette. My ex-wife has returned to town. Sylvie. Willful, seductive, destructive. She wants to dominate my life, my children's lives. Clair and Amy are so sweet, so formative. I want them to have everything they need. Love, courage, confidence.

But Sylvie has arrived, in blazing color. Think unpredictable fireworks!!!!

Just to give you a little backstory, Sylvie left us a few years ago. Up and left to go back to good old Mum and Dad in merry old England. What did I see in her when we met?

I know, I know. You don't have to tell me. I saw what most men see. She was hot, sexy, and passionate (aka volatile). What man in his right mind wouldn't have gone for her? What man wouldn't have been bowled over by her? Why is that? Why do men think with their, you know...  and not with their heads? Why couldn't I predict eminent disaster?

Charlotte would tell me to breathe right now. She'd tell me it wasn't my fault, but it was. It is.

I like myself. I do. But there are times I wish I could rewrite a whole bunch of my history, but if I did, I wouldn't have Clair and Amy, and I would be lost without those girls. They are my light. I'm so lucky because I've found Meredith, and she adores the girls as I do. But I'm worried because Sylvie has it in for Meredith. She doesn't want the girls to love her. She's always trying to devise a scheme to keep them apart.

Argh. Do I sound a petty? Not manly? Not in control? I probably need to see a therapist, but Providence isn't booming with therapists. In our town, gossiping at the Cheese Shop or at the Cafe Latte or the Igloo constitutes "talking it out." My dad...who lives in Philadelphia...would say that should suffice. He's always had his feet on the ground. He and my mom were the perfect couple. No upsets. No mystery.

Man, I wish I could just get some perspective.

And now with Meredith's college venture? Did I tell you about that? She wants to turn the abandoned winery into a college.

There are rumors about buried treasure and tales about dead bodies. Of course, Sylvie is jumping in with both feet to find the treasure. What if she stumbles onto a dead body or something? Will she expect me to rescue her and clear her of all charges? I won't. I'll stand firm. If she gets in hot water, she can boil.

All I want to do is sell wine and see my business with Charlotte thrive. I want to see my girls blossom. I want to further my relationship with Meredith.

Is that asking too much? Am I asking too much?

Perhaps a glass of a Santa Rita pinot noir would do the trick. It's after five o'clock someplace. Maybe I'll get Charlotte to join me. We'll snack on a little cheese, chat, solve the world's problems.

How do you solve your problems?

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  1. Wine and cheese - what could be better?

  2. I agree...or, cheese and wine! Works for me!

  3. Whine and wine, maybe??? That's how I solve my problems... LOL!

  4. Hi, Janet and Erika and Victoria. Thanks for your support. I really am at my wits' end, but it is July 4th and I'm feeling independent and strong...I think. Whine and wine...perhaps.

    ~Matthew Bessette

  5. I solve my problems by going for walks to clear my head and then talking with a trusted friend.

    Wine and cheese will definitely help.

  6. It's all about appropriate boundaries in relationships and other parts of life. "It's after five o'clock someplace." Hmmm? Not helpful to your girls.

  7. Liz, don't worry. I don't imbibe before the evening, and I never overindulge. I was making a joke. I hope you won't hold it against me. I'm a little stressed. I'll follow Dru's advice and take a long walk. Always a good choice.


  8. I've read about you, so I knew it was a joke. Just couldn't resist a warning--particularly on a holiday weekend, when the world seems to be on the road and, too often, should not be. Hope you won't hold that against me.

  9. Liz, you're right. These are not things to be joked about even by a former sommelier. {No, I'd never hold that against anyone. Heck, I can't even hold anything against my ex-wife, and she can be, well...I've already told you. I'm hoping she'll change, for my girls' sakes.}


    From Avery:
    May everyone who is reading this blog remember to drink responsibly. Buckle up. Be safe. And watch out for the other guy.