Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cupcakes vs. Books

Melanie Cooper


Lindsey Norris


Mel is joining us from the Cupcake Bakery mystery
series while Lindsey is visiting from the Briar Creek
Public Library, home to the Library Lover's mystery series.
Both series are New York Times bestsellers, for which
author Jenn McKinlay is tremendously grateful. However,
our characters are having a debate as to which is more
important to Jenn -- cupcakes or books.

"Cupcakes are her favorite," Mel said.

"Ha! Cupcakes go right to her behind," Lindsey argued.
"Books are her favorite."

"Come on, Jenn, tell us which is your favorite," they both demanded.

"I am not having this discussion," Jenn said.

"Oh, come on," Mel said. "Don't make me sic Angie on you."

"That's a low blow," Jenn said.

She picked up her mouse pad and wondered if it had any
shield like properties to avert the wrath of a hot headed
Italian baker.

"I'd like to see Angie go head to head with the lemon," Lindsey
muttered just loud enough for the others to hear her.

"Ah!" Mel gasped. "I read your story. I know the lemon is
Ms. Cole the cranky librarian in your library. Make no mistake.
Angie would shreddle her."

"I don't know," Lindsey said. "Ms. Cole can be pretty fearsome
with a copy of the OED in her hands."

"All right," Mel said. "Let's see what they can do. Your book
or mine?"

"Oh, dear," Jenn sighed. "Worlds are colliding. Okay, you two,
enough is enough. Just like a mother has no favorites, I don't
either. I love you and your stories equally."

"But..." Lindsey and Mel protested.

"Ut!" Jenn held up her hand for silence. "A mother's love isn't divided
it's multiplied."

Mel and Lindsey gave each other somewhat mollified looks.

"I guess that makes sense," Mel said.

"Hard to argue with it at any rate," Lindsey agreed. "Hey, how
about I hook you up with the latest cozy mystery from
Josie Belle?"

Mel smiled. "And I'll whip you up a batch of Moonlight Madness

As her characters headed back to their different storylands, Jenn
heaved a huge sigh of relief. But she couldn't help wondering,
am I the only author who thinks her characters are real?

And now a note from the author:

Hi, everyone! This is my last post for Killer Characters. I love this blog
and am very sad to go, but as you can see my characters are a tad high
maintenance and so I must go tend to them or who knows what all they
will get up to. I can just see an Ultimate Cage Fight between Angie and
the lemon (cringe)! It has been a pleasure blogging with the other fabulous
characters here and I will be popping in to visit frequently! Thanks for the
good times and great characters! Jenn

Jenn's books:
DUE OR DIE March 2012
and writing as Josie Belle:
50% OFF MURDER April 2012


  1. Best wishes on your new endeavors. Perhaps, as with siblings, your characters will outgrow their rivalry.

  2. Jenn, hopefully once in awhile you or one of the ladies can return and let us know how things are in both their and your life.

    And I agree with Liz about the characters having a sibling rivalry.

  3. I think eating a cupcake while reading a book sounds best of all!! Sad you're leaving, Jenn!

  4. I agree with Victoria. Love your books!

  5. Love the debating authors! Love both series. So sad to see you go!

  6. Thanks, ladies! I'll miss you all, but I'll be sure to pop in and check on my favorite authors and their characters frequently!

  7. I agree with Victoria also! Love your cozy series!
    Im sad to see you go, take care! =)

  8. Best wishes and I can't wait to hear more about your new book. Sad you're leaving but I see new authors on the sidebar.

  9. We love you and your books and your characters (high maintenance is fine with us). You will be missed, Jenn. Hope everything goes well for you. Make sure you come back and visit!