Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dog Days in Paris

by Pierre Louis Auguste
From Meg London's Murder Unmentionable, 1st in the SWEET NOTHINGS Vintage Lingerie Series. Coming September 2012

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Pierre Louis Auguste. But you may call me Pierre. I am a champion bred French bulldog living in Paris, Tennessee. I am sure you will appreciate the bitter irony of that. My mistress, Miss Arabella, has traveled all over the world but for some reason has decided to settle in this obscure portion of the globe. Moi, I would prefer the real Paris or perhaps London, or even Monaco where I could stroll the Boulevard de Monte Carlo with some of the most beautiful and pampered canines in Europe.

Miss Arabella owns Sweet Nothings, a lingerie shop, in Paris. Her niece, Emma, is helping her renovate, and the shop will feature a beautiful collection of vintage lingerie. Believe it or not, a murder actually took place right in the store! Ooh la la, such excitement. And, it was moi who found the clue to the murderer! Moi! Arabella was so grateful she made me a special steak dinner even though she is constantly threatening to put me on a diet. Merde! That would be awful as I am something of a gourmet.

There are a few compensations to life in Paris, however, including Bertha, the coquettish black and tan miniature dachshund whose owner runs the store across the street from us. Unfortunately, Arabella does not feel she is a suitable match for moi. Ah, the path of l’amour is never smooth. We must make eyes at each other from a distance, destined to be kept apart by our unfeeling owners! But we have a plan…shhhh. Don’t tell anyone.

Soon Bertha and I will be together forever.


  1. If humans had noses half as good as ours, they'd solve their mysteries much sooner. How come they can't tell who all was there? But do they get down on the ground or the floor and give it a good sniffing? No! Silly people.

    But we love them, right? Good to meet you, Pierre! (sniff, wag, sniff, wag.)

  2. Ah, woof your plan softly in my ear, Pierre... non, NON... not the tongue!! LOL.

  3. Je suis tres heureuse de vous rencontrer ici, Pierre.

  4. You're very cute, Pierre. If things don't work out with the dachshund, how do you feel about girls who are taller than you?

    ~ Daisy
    Domestic Diva Mysteries

  5. Daisy, I loooove tall women! Ooh la la. Perhaps if we don't tell Bertha...??

  6. Perhaps your humans will give you a trip to the other Paris, Pierre? Personally, I don't care where I am as long as there's something for me to dig up! Your Bertha sounds sniff-worthy. I hope to meet her (and you) one day.

  7. Poor Pierre, to wish for a love that might never be. Have you barked to Bertha to let her know of your love? Good luck!


  8. How mysteriously romantic! Can't wait to read this book!

  9. Pierre! You add a touch of elegance to this joint. May you and Bertha live HEA!

    Your new friends,

    Truffle (a black and tan dachshund) and Sweet Marie (a red)