Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's Hard to Say "I'm Sorry"

By Wayne Jones
From Wendy Lyn Watson's Mysteries a la Mode

Howdy.  I'm Wayne Jones.  Y'all may know me better as Tally Jones's ex-husband.  And if that's how you know me, you probably don't like me too much.

I ain't gonna lie.  I did wrong by Tally.

She was just a little bit of thing--fresh out of high school, mourning the loss of her high school beau, and struggling to take care of her mama--when I met her.  She'd just started waiting tables at Erma's, and she dumped a plate of chicken-fried steak in my lap.  She fussed and fretted and cried, and I promised her that all would be forgiven if she would let me take her to out for some mini golf and a burger.

I've never been very smart, very brave, or very handsome.  I'm just an old bubba with a knack for gettin' grass to grow.  But I could fix Tally's problems.  I could take care of her bills, wrangle her mama when she got loaded, and give Tally a little peace and security.  It made me happy to help her.  Made me feel like a gosh-darned super hero.

But once Tally's mama passed and she came into her own as a grown woman, she didn't need me much anymore.  And that's when I started to stray.

I don't mean it was her fault.  No, I own what I did.  One hundred percent on me.

I can live with the consequences ... the end of my marriage, the whole Brittanie situation, the blow to my public image.  What I'm having a harder time with is what my actions did to Tally.

My tomcatting hit her hard.  Made her feel low.  Made her lose her trust in other people ... and in herself.

I realize now that my love for Tally wasn't quite what it should have been.  I loved her like a possession, not like a person.  But I did love her.  And it pains me to see her hurting because of what I did.

I'm not sure how I'm gonna do it, but somehow I have to make amends.


What about you?  Have you ever had to make amends?  How did you do it?  Or have you been hurt by someone?  Were you able to forgive them?

Find out more about Wayne's wicked ways (and he quest to make amends) in I Scream, You Scream, Scoop to Kill, and A Parfait Murder.  And be sure to visit Wendy on her website and on Facebook.


  1. I was able to forgive, but I just don't forget.

  2. Well-said, Dru. Sometimes you just have to get even & the best way to do that is to have a great life.

  3. My ex and I are friends now after all these years...we have two wonderful grown children and four beautiful grandchildren. I think all is forgiven between us and even though we're not growing old together; we have some great memories and those wonderful grandkids are our future.

  4. Wayne, did you have some therapy to get to this point? You seem to be on the right road. Honesty will be best with Tally. Have her back at all times. At some point, she might need you. And give her credit. As strong and bright as she is, she might recognize the man you are becoming.


  5. Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves, not to the person who wronged us. As for making amends, sometimes the most straightforward way is the most effective. Admit that you were wrong and apologize for it. Move on. And allow Tally to move on as well.

    Remember. You can't force yourself or your apology on her. It has to come naturally. If she needs space from you, give it to her. Good luck.

  6. All good advice. And the good news is that Wayne did get a lot of help (in I Scream, you learn a bit about that help ...).