Sunday, August 7, 2011

Catting About!

by Edam and Brie, Siamese cats
in the Ashton Corners Book Club mystery series
by Erika Chase

We've noticed with great interest the number of dogs who have been blogging over the past month and are delighted that our house-owner, Lizzie Turner is busily getting ready to go out. That leaves us just enough time to take a turn at posting.

She's going out on another date with the Police Chief here in Ashton Corners, Alabama. His name's Mark Dreyfus and he's a good enough guy. He doesn't yell at us when we brush up against his uniform. I, Brie, think that beige looks good on navy.

And, he doesn't push us off when we leap on his lap. Edam's always first up and grabs the best seat in the house leaving me to curl up in the crook of his arm. It didn't take long to train him as to our preferences, either. Another point for him. Although he does own a dog. Oh well, no one's perfect.

Lizzie's the greatest. She chose my brother & me from a litter of five, when she moved back to town, and we helped her get settled in her place. You know -- that critical period of breaking in the new furniture. She picks our favorite treats, gives great massages, and has a real soothing brushing technique. Plus, she lets us sleep on the bed!

The only problem is, she seems to get herself involved in murders! None of them are her fault, y'all know. But we sure hope she keeps safe. There's not much else for us to worry about. No mouse problem here. Although, it would be fun handling that!

I guess we've got it pretty good, wouldn't you agree? Do you have any pets to take care of you?

A Killer Read by Erika Chase coming from Berkley Prime Crime, April, 2012


  1. Sounds like you're breaking in that police chief just fine. I have no doubt his dog will be next...just try to avoid the drool.

  2. Edam and Brie, I, too, have noticed all the posts by dogs. While I have to admit that I like my canine sibling, Daisy, I have been forced to put a few dogs in their place. I'm hoping that Mark's dog will be a snuggle hound.

    Like you, my mom insists on poking her nose into murder investigations. It's quite worrisome, but being a bit nosy myself, I can't blame her.

    ~ Mochie
    Domestic Diva Mysteries

  3. I think you two are sleek and elegant, like Lizzie. The miniature dachshunds, however, are outraged by the feline presence. Watch your tails! I think they're plotting.

    BTW, personally, I think this police chief is quite dishy, even with cat hair around his ankles.

  4. Lizzie definitely needs you guys when she becomes involved in murder..who else is she going to tell her suspicions too. As for Mark's dog, he'll knows who is boss in no time.

    Looking forward to reading Lizzie's stories.

  5. Thanks for the comments. We had no access to the computer yesterday as 'others' were out of town. Mind you, we did get to sleep alot. And no talk of dogs!