Tuesday, August 16, 2011

getting away with it!

Oh, honey, is it ever hot here in Savannah! I don’t mean just hot like in Lordy, pass me the sweet tea before I faint dead away, but hot as in Lordy, I can fry an egg on this here front porch and I’m in need of flippers and swim gear to make my way through the humidity to get myself to town.

And I’m here to tell you that the social scene has all but dried up this time of year as well and that is not something I, Raylene Carter, look forward to one bit. I marred Junior Carter of the Savannah Carters to have a very fine social life indeed and then August comes along and it’s just too plum hot to even move.

Then again, I suppose things could be worse. This spring that Reagan Summerside girl was poking around where she shouldn’t and trying to find a killer of all things. I do declare that she thought I was a suspect. Me! Raylene Carter. As if I’d go and do such a thing. Well, truth be told, maybe I would do something like that to keep a certain person from blabbing how I bribed my way into winning Best Garden in Savannah at the Homes and Gardens Show. The thing is, I certainly wouldn’t get caught! Mercy!

So here I am in Savannah trying to stay cool and wanting to chat a spell with you. What are you doing in your neck of the woods this August? Are you going on vacation? Shopping for new fall clothes? Or are you like me, sitting here and waiting for a cool breeze? I’ll send off a mighty nice Hot and Irresistible T-shirt from the comments.


Iced Chiffon

Berkley Prmie Crime

October, 2012

first in Consignment: Murder series


  1. *Buy* new fall clothes? When I have all these beautiful new yarns stocked in my shop, Tell a Yarn? I'll be knitting and crocheting . . .

  2. Well, nothing as exciting as bribery for me. Just lots of kid stuff (college, back to school, etc) and writing about murder...

  3. Reading books while sipping iced tea (NOT sweet) and looking at the garden so enjoyed by the rabbits and racoons, for sure, and maybe foxes (are they vegetarians?) and deer. Too hot even to try to stop the critters.

  4. I'm with Opal. Knitting away on light weight items and quilting for the new grandbaby.

  5. I'm just getting ready for the school year to start on Monday. Even though Savannah is hot, it sounds like such a lovely place to be. All that beautiful Spanish moss and sweet tea!

  6. Raylene, your words just drip with honey--and hogwash. If I were you, I'd spend the summer working on an alibi.

  7. Oh to know how to knit and crochet! That would be wonderful!

    Sending kids off to college is a major event! Just getting all that stuff together. Lordy!

    The Prissy Fox Consignment Shop here in Savannah is getting in new fall clothes right now. Ya'll stop in and shop a bit and catch up on gossip now. Sticky buns and sweet tea are waiting for you .

  8. Reading and counting the days until my vacation. I'm also enjoying the spring-like temps we're having right now.

  9. Love the photos! Iced tea is always my favorite.
    Im heading over to add Iced Chiffon to my tbr list.

  10. Hey Dru, it's been great weather here in Cincy too! Have a great vacation!

  11. Hi, Melissa
    I do love iced tea, esp sweet tea. I just don't want to think of all the sugar but it sure tastes great on a hot summer day.

    Thanks for adding Iced Chiffon to you buy list. It's not out till Oct '12 but I'll be here chatting every 16th of the month.


  12. Oh, Liz, the deer have leveled my hostas and starting in on my roses. The critters are so lovely and drive me nuts too! We also have foxes in our woods. I think they're supposed to be good luck.

  13. Hi, Amanda
    Savannah is lovely. Hope you get there sometime. Spring is incredible!!
    Best of luck this school year.

  14. The winner of the Hot and Irresistible t-shirt is Bev! Email me at DuffyBrown@DuffyBrown.com with your snail addy and I'll send along the shirt.

    Thanks everyone for chatting. See you Sept 16th. Big Joey will be here to talk about the gand, living in the hood and his fav places to eat in Savannah. Hey, even the boys know great fried chicken and biscuits!

    Hugs, Duffy