Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hi There!
I'm Kate Connolly. I'm delighted to be here among all the fabulous KillerCharacters!
I'm a new mom turned PI (I know it may sound like a strange career choice for a mom, but it's something that fell into my lap during my maternity leave - and as it turns out - I'm pretty good at it!)
In fact, as way of introductions I thought I could read to you the from my first book Bundle of Trouble - just click on the link below:
For more information on my books, visit


  1. Welcome! Connollys, unite! (Did you know that the name means "valiant warrior" in Irish, where it is spelled Conghaile?)

  2. Love the cover... welcome to the pack!

  3. It does seem like an unusual career choice for a new mom, but if you are truly a "valiant warrior" as Sheila says . . .

  4. Hi, Kate
    What a neat cover. Sounds like a wonderful read. Can't wait to pick it up.
    So glad you're here at Killer!

  5. We love those Killer Characters!!

  6. Welcome Kate! I think motherhood with its skill set is perfect for a PI. Love the cover and the books. Thanks for the intro.

  7. Motherhood and detecting. I do think they go hand in hand. For at least 21 years if I'm not mistaken. Maybe longer.


  8. Love the cover! Nice to meet you!
    ( I posted this on my twitter page also! )

  9. Thanks Melissa!
    Oh and Shelia - I didn't that was the meaning of the name - but how appropriate!