Sunday, August 21, 2011

What I Wish I Could Say

By: Hoppy Leighton, Yorkie-Poo-in-Residence at the Leighton household
From: A Deadly Grind – Book 1 - Vintage Kitchen Mysteries – May 2012.
Author: Victoria Hamilton

My hame is Hopalong Leighton, but most folks call me Hoppy. I live in a nice house in a nice town with a nice lady. Jaymie Leighton, my human, knows the people who rescued me from an awful place, and so she took me in. I don’t remember it very well, but there was a lot of hurt, and noise and it smelled real bad. I had to poop in my cage, and no dog likes that; it gets in your fur and you can’t smell other stuff as well. Then some people came and got me and all the others—I remember people wearing uniforms and arguing with the people who put us all in the cages—and I went to a place that smelled even worse, but at least the people were nice. They gave me treats. I went to sleep for a while, and when I woke up, my hurt leg was gone, and the stump was bandaged. Then I went and lived with Jaymie. It took a while to learn to walk right again. I stumbled a lot. Everything got better from there, though.  

I don’t know why humans call the place I was born a ‘puppy mill’. That sounds like a nice place where they make cute puppies, but it was an awful place where we were kept in dirty cages. 

But that’s the past. I’m three now, and even though I lost my leg because of where I was born, I think I’m pretty lucky. I love Jaymie, and even don’t mind Denver, the cranky tabby cat who lives with us.

I just wish I could tell Jaymie a few things that are bothering me. Denver is moody, and... what did Jaymie call him? It was a funny word... can-tank-er-ous. He swipes at me with his claws, sometimes. He tries to scare me by watching me eat, but I've gotten used to that. I wish I could tell Jaymie that something smells ‘off’ about him; his breath is weird. He won’t tell anyone, but I think a tooth is hurting, and it makes him snappish. He’d be real mad if he knew I wanted to tell Jaymie. Denver doesn’t like the doctor.

There’s more, though; Jaymie’s dad… last time I saw him he smelled different. I can’t explain it, but there’s something wrong, and I’m worried.

And her boyfriend, Joel… I think he’s spending time at some other girl’s house. Jaymie asked him one day what cologne he was wearing, and he said, ‘none’, but there was a smell on him that was ‘woman’ and perfume. Jaymie didn’t think anything more about it, and Joel was relieved.

Why can I understand Jaymie, but she doesn't understand me? I try to point things out, but all I get is a pat on the head and a long walk along the river. Or a treat. Those are good, so I guess it’s okay. But I wish she could understand me.

How do you tell people bad news they don’t want to hear? Do you have any advice?


Give a dog a hand... does anyone have an answer for Hoppy?? Any of the doggies out there know how to tell a human the truth?

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  1. We're glad things worked out for you, Hoppy. We were rescued, too, from cold, snowy streets. Our human, Willow, doesn't get everything we tell her, either. Keep trying. Jamie may eventually understand your messages about Denver, her dad, and her boyfriend.

  2. Hoppy, you have to train Jaymie. I find it amusing that humans talk about training us when they're the ones who don't pay attention to smells. It's those inferior sniffers they have. Work with her. Most humans are quite capable of understanding basic dog language. Your Jaymie sounds like a good candidate.

    ~ Daisy

  3. Even if you can't tell Jaymie anything, you can be there for her when she makes her own discovery--particularly if her Dad is sick or her boyfriend is cheating. Your own experience with pain has left you with a good understanding of the important things in life. Glad you found a good home.

  4. I think that you and Jaymie are lucky to have found each other. I know you will be a comfort to her even if you can't tell her things and change what is happening. Come back to Killer Characters any time!

  5. Sally-Forth and Tally-Ho... nice to meetcha!! Tail wagging nice!

    Ms. Daisy... you're right about human noses, but they can't help it. I hope I can train her.

    Ms. Liz... you bet I'll always be there for Jaymie, just like she's always there for Denver and me.

    Ms. Mary Jane... I consider myself the luckiest pup in Queensville, even more so than my buddies Junk Jr, and Roary. And thanks for the invite! Denver's nose is out of joint, though. He thinks I'm getting above myself.

    Thanks, all, human and canine alike!