Monday, September 12, 2011

Who is this Marcy Singer anyway?

by Harriet Sloan, from Amanda Lee's Thread Reckoning

Hello, citizens. I’m new in Tallulah Falls, and if I have my way about it, I won’t be staying here long. No offense. I mean, it’s an okay town, but there’s too much drama in this little place. Besides, I feel I’m destined for bigger and better things.

You see, I’m a detective trainee, currently working with Detective Ted Nash. And now, the apparent reigning queen of Tallulah Falls, Marcy Singer, is a suspect in a murder investigation. At least, she's a suspect to me. To everyone else--even Ted, or maybe I should say especially Ted--she's a victim as much as the poor old lady stabbed to death outside her store.

You should've witnessed the scene inside her shop right after she identified the victim! Ted was hovering, some guy claiming to be her fiancee--I learned he's her ex-fiancee--from San Francisco came rushing in to console her, Todd Calloway from the Brew Crew came running over to hold Marcy's hand, and Sadie from MacKenzies' Mochas showed up to comfort Marcy and glare daggers at the ex-fiancee. I mean, hello, we've got a murder victim on the sidewalk in front of this embroidery shop, and everyone is concerned about Marcy?

The victim is one Francesca Ortega, the mother of Frederic Ortega. Frederic's fiancee, Cassandra Wainwright, hired Marcy to embellish her mother's vintage wedding gown with some jewels provided by Francesca. Marcy claims she believed the jewels were fakes, but some that Francesca is believed to have had on her person at the time she was killed are missing. Fakes? I think not. Did Marcy know the jewels weren't fake? That remains to be seen. I, for one, am not swayed by trembling lips and large tear-filled blue eyes. I intend to keep this investigation on a strictly professional level...despite what you might've heard about my so-called attraction to Frederic Ortega. [Sigh] What would you do in my department-issue shoes?


  1. Marcy Singer a murderer, Harriet? I. Don't. Think. So.

  2. Harriet, first order of business is to suspect the family, not Marcy.

  3. Keeping it strictly professional is an excellent goal... be sure you know what you mean by that! Sometimes that requires cool, calm reasoning.

    Good luck!

  4. You're sounding a tad emotional, Harriet. Remember, you are wearing department-issue shoes so better keep on your toes.

  5. Marcy wants me to thank you all for your support and for trying to help rein in Harriet! ;)

  6. Keep an open mind there, Harriet. That's the mark of a good detective. I think you're showing a touch of tunnel vision there and that won't be good for your career. Trust me.