Thursday, October 13, 2011

Graveyard of the Atlantic

Aye, I were a scallywag and a pirate to boot at one time, but admit that a man may change. I give up that life when I met my beautiful wife and she gave me two fine sons. I lived an honest life - a good life - at least until they hanged me dead.

It were the Magistrate. He wanted my wife and was willing to kill me fer her. Now I need mercy. I demand justice. And me own flesh and blood, the Lord High Mayor Dae O'Donnell is my only hope, sorry ghost that I am.

I have trusted her with my secret, my very soul, even offered to help with the murder of that silly female who was her friend. She still insists on giving me grief. She even insists we not be kin but I couldn't follow around like her lap dog if it were not the truth of it.

Women in this age! Bah! They are too independent and not afraid of what should rightly scare 'em. My kin runs a shop, Missing Pieces, she calls it. A pack full of old bilge, says I! Full of mirrors and other female claptrap that no man worth his salt would want.

Aye, she be a nosy, busybody female too, my kin. Infatuated with that fellow at the Blue Whale Inn in Duck, North Carolina. When did they give that old place a proper name, you  might wonder. Why name a place after a fowl? Better it should be Pirate Bay or Banker's Lot.

Dae cannot even take the time to figure out who done me wrong and prove that I died an innocent man. She seems to think because I died 400 years past that it not be important. Ha! It is important to my salvation, hers too if she ever means to be without me at her side.

I am not going nowhere. She'll find me every place she looks, despite the deal she and I have made. I have eternity, if necessary. I am ruthless in my quest for the truth of the matter.

They did not call me the Scourge of the Outer Banks for naught!

A Spirited Gift - the third book in the Missing Pieces Mysteries from Berkley Prime Crime. Available everywhere on December 6. Argghh!

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  1. This is one of my favorite series. I really look forward to reading this one!!

  2. Actually, this is Dae's pirate ancestor, Rafe Masterson, the scourge of Duck. Not that Dae knew she had a pirate ancestor. She thought her ancestors were just the stalwart kind, not the gold stealing/killing kind. Nice when you can surprise your characters ( and yourself).

    Thanks, Vickie!

  3. Wow! And I worry about my houseguests. I hope things work our for Dae, and that you get your 'issues' resolved.