Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Tour of Haunted Savannah

by Reagan Summerside from Iced Chiffon by Duffy Brown

Iced Chiffon...
To pay for rehabbing the dilapidated Victorian house she loves, Reagan Summerside opens the Prissy Fox Consignment Shop and gets involved in the lives of her Savannah customers, neighbors, ex husband and the attorney who screwed her over in the divorce.

Reagan here, and over the next few months I’m going to tell you about some of my neighbors, customers, my not-so-dear ex and especially his badass attorney.

Today I’m going to show you around Savannah because it’s October and Savannah is one of the most haunted places in the US. Just walk down Savannah's streets at twilight and you feel a supernatural presence. The antebellum houses and live oaks drenched in Spanish moss set the mood. You can’t swing a dead cat around here without hitting a house with a ghost!

Take the Pink House. Now a days it’s a mighty fine restaurant and kept up to snuff by James Habersham, the original owner who built the place during the American Revolution. He’s still seen walking the halls in his military uniform. If you have a martini at the downstairs tavern you and might even get a whiff of his pipe tobacco.

Then there’s the Marshall House once used as a Union hospital during the Unfortunate Northern Aggression. Some of those soldiers never did leave the place. Nearly every night the picture of General Lee on the second floor is turned catawampus.

We all talk about the Hampton Lillibridge House. The place is so haunted the workmen walked off the job during renovations. The house has been on the market for years and still hasn’t sold.

The Pirate House serves the best pecan chicken in Georgia. It’s where Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Treasure Island and the rum cellar still has pirates...or does it.

Anna Powers has kept watch over the 17hundred90 Inn for over two-hundred years, and you best think twice before using the bathroom at the Moon River Brewing Company on Bay Street. That Confederate soldier just might be swinging his saber to guard his home turf.

So this is where I live, beautiful, old, haunted Savannah. What about where you live? Any ghosts in your house? Any haunted houses in your town? Tell us about them and maybe win a twenty-five dollar gift card from Barnes and Noble.

Be safe now, you hear.

Consignment: Murder
Berkley Prime Crime
-Iced Chiffon 10/12


  1. I would love to visit all the haunted houses/places in Savannah.

  2. Hi, Janet and Dru.
    Savannah is so lovely in the spring and so spooky in the fall. The food is amazing. No one does biscuits and pecan pie like Savannah. We need to meet for a roadtrip.

  3. We don't have any haunted houses on our island, at least none that I know about. And please don't tell me about them, because I prefer to be left in the dark about such things.

    There are stories, however, of ghostly Civil War troops that continue to march on their patrols, not realizing that they are yet dead. They will march through walls and through your living room without even realizing that they have walked into a house.

    My house is elevated, so if the soldiers march my way, they'll march underneath the house, which is good with me. I don't cotton to having a run in with a ghost, even if it doesn't have the ability to notice me!

    I love Savannah, Duffy! Such a beautiful place and rich with history! It's just a hop, skip, and a jump from my coastal town. I visit whenever I get the chance.

  4. Hubby and I took a trip to Savannah a few years ago to see the Hampton Lillibridge house. I'm sure there's a connection on his Lillibridge family tree somewhere. Savannah is a beautiful city. Love the history there.

  5. Hi, Everyone! I tossed your names in a hat and pulled out LoraLee's name. LoraLee, send me your email at and I'll send along the gift card from B&N.

    See you all next month on the 16th and Reagan and Auntie KiKi will talk about Southern food and maybe a martini or two.