Friday, October 28, 2011

Welcome guest, Rochelle Staab!

Chatting with Viv
By Vivian Gordon from Rochelle Staab’s Who Do, Voodoo?

Hello everyone, I’m Vivian Gordon. You might recognize me from old “Beach Blanket” movies (I was one of the beach bunny extras) or “Hollywood Hop” the music variety show that ran here in Los Angeles back in the sixties (I was one of the go-go dancers.) Because I’m the only member of the Gordon family with an entertainment background, I was elected to talk to you today.

“You elected yourself, Mom.”

Well. Whatever. That was my daughter, Liz, a well-dressed, brilliant psychologist who recently divorced my famous son-in-law Jarret Cooper, a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Sorry, I meant ex-son-in-law. Anyway, the whole voodoo mess started when Liz and her dear friend Robin Bloom found a tarot card on Robin’s front door. Horrible prank.

The harasser left a tarot card similar to one I drew two years ago in a birthday tarot reading for Robin’s husband Josh. My heart sank that night when I drew the Three of Swords: Heartache. Robin’s dear sweet Josh died the next day in a car accident. I can’t bear to think about it.

“The cards you drew were random, Mom. Josh’s death was an accident.”

My pragmatic daughter won’t pay attention to omens. Liz was much more open to the supernatural when she was a child. Now she’s a fancy psychologist (did I mention she was brilliant?) and she acts like she doesn’t believe. Takes after her father. But as I was saying, when I heard about the card on Robin’s door, I immediately pitched in to help Liz and Robin find the horrid culprit. It was my idea to phone my son Dave, a LAPD detective just like his retired father. And I made the girls call Nick Garfield, Dave’s friend who seems to know everything about the occult. Possibly more than I do.

“Calling Nick was a good idea, Mom.”

I know. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize Liz and Nick would end up spending so much time together. And Nick is a bachelor—you know how they are. Okay, he’s a renowned professor too. But Liz is used to a more glamorous life. I realize Jarret cheated on her—unforgivable—but people can change. I simply want my daughter to be happy.

“Get over it, Mom. Jarret and I are divorced. Try to get back on point.”

Right. Well as it turns out, Robin became involved in an even bigger mess than just a tarot card on her door. Good thing Liz, Nick, and I were there to help her.

“Um, Mom?”

Well, I DID help. I drew a Tarot card perfectly describing a killer. I only wish Liz had invited me to the séance or the voodoo ceremonies. I could have used some tips for the Halloween bash I’m throwing this weekend. Costumed, of course, though I can’t decide if I should dress as Marilyn Monroe or Gypsy Rose Lee. What about you? What was your favorite Halloween costume?

* * *

Rochelle has kindly offered to give away a copy 
to a commenter (sorry...US residents only).
The opportunity will last for 72 hours 
so make sure you leave a comment,
and the winner will be announced 
before midnight, EDT, on Halloween
How perfect is that?? Cue scary music.



  1. My favorite Halloween costume was sexy Little Red Riding Hood. I wore it for my first Halloween with my husband and he loved it. Thanks so much for the giveaway.


  2. Why not Solitaire from Live or Let Die?

  3. I went to a party as Madam Ruth, you know that gypsy with the gold-capped tooth? Let me tell you, the gold foil from a Caramilk bar sure does hurt after a whole evening plastered over your tooth! (But the caramilk bar was delicious!)

    This book sound great! (But I'm not eligible for the draw! LOL)

  4. My favorite costume (many years ago) was a black cat. Can't wait to read this book.

  5. In college I dressed as a bunny. It was an easy, low-cost costume perfect for the student budget. I loved wearing the ears.


  6. I couldn't afford a costume one year, so I went as Lady Godiva. Got a lot of treats.

    Your daughter does sound brilliant--and so does the book. Don't enter me in the contest, I'll go out and buy it ASAP

  7. The easiest costume I ever did was to applique a pumpkin on an orange sweatshirt and wear it over my very pregnant belly. I figured I'd take advantage of that natural roundness. :) Can't wait to read this book!

  8. Welcome to Killer Character, Vivian!

    I loved those Beach Blanket movies.

    (Another psychologist who solves murder cases)

  9. For Halloween at the book store I dressed as a Goth fairy with humongous black wings and a striped shirt. I thought I looked pretty cool until a little boy thought I was a bumblebee! Plus the wings kept getting stuck every time I went through a doorway.

  10. This year I think I'll paint a big cardboard box with alphabet letters on each side, then cut out a hole for my head, and go as "writers block"...


  11. What a great costume party this group would create. I'd love to see the photos.
    Bev, your pregnant pumpkin is too cute :)
    Victoria—Love Potion #9! One of my favorite oldies, what a great idea.
    Thanks for the great ideas, everyone. I'm inspired!

  12. This is my favorite genre... paranormal cozy mystery! I can not wait to read this book. Thank you!!

  13. My favorite costume was when I was little... a cabbage patch kid. It had a plastic mask that stayed in place with an elastic around your head and a somewhat plastic outfit to put over your clothes. I don't think they sell those kinds of costumes anymore.

  14. The best costume I wore was as the splattered ghost.

    Nice to meet you Viv...looking forward to hearing more about adventures with the tarot cards.

  15. My favorite costume was a Dutch girl that my Mother had made.

    I was a luck winner of and ARC of Who Do, Voodoo and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who loves Cozies.

    Don't put me in the drawinf for the book.

  16. Mish, I think they do! Monday night there will be tons of plastic faced Ariels from Little Mermaid (and every other Disney animated princess film) knocking at our doors for candy.
    Dru—yeah, I always wanted to be a ghost. The whole invisible thing appeals to me for some reason. Curiosity, I think.
    Nancy—thank you for your nice words about WDV! Do you still have the wooden shoes? Or were they clogs?
    This is so much fun. I really do feel like we're at a Halloween Party.

  17. The best was witch when I was 7 years old. My mother dyed my waist-length white blonde hair bright green for the costume with "wash-out" dye. For the following two weeks, in 1965, my hair was green and my father wouldn't take me anywhere. LOL. It was like Hallowe'en for days.

  18. I'm dying to read this book and I love this post. So many great costume ideas. I need a costume for a Halloween dance tomorrow night. My neighbor offered to lend me her hot dog outfit but I'm not quite sure I want to foxtrot as a frankfurter.

  19. Rochelle, I mean, Viv, so nice to have you on this blog! Love all the costumes everyone has mentioned. Cindy, foxtrot as a frankfurter made me snort.

    Everybody, Rochelle's book is fabulous. I've been lucky enough to read an ARC, and it's so much fun!!! Huge hugs and great success on the launch of your book on Tuesday.


  20. My favorite costume was the Cowardly Lion.


  21. My favorite costume was an outrider (like at the racetrack). OK I have no imagination. Book sounds fun.

  22. Leigh (snort) writer's block!
    Mare—green hair! I remember the '65 wash-out dyes. They never worked. This is classic.
    Cindy, are you really going on the dance floor as a weiner? I know there's a funny story in there.
    Marilyn, aw...cowardly cuddly. Love that.
    Kaye, you get major points for dressing up. Think of all the chickens who won't.
    And thanks to EVERYONE for your sweet words and encouragement for WDV. If Viv were here next to me (well, she is) she'd be GUSHING. Mwah!

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  24. Oops, had to delete earlier post. I made a mistake. Great post! My favorite Halloween costume was when a co-worker and I dressed up as "Pillowcase People". We have huge faces drawn on pillowcases and put over our heads. Shorts were belted at our knees, so we looked like these giant-headed pillows. It was hilarious. We laughed until we cried, but the problem was, our arms had to go in the top of the pillowcase (elbows and forearms forming the forehead) which put the faces right over our chests. One guy commented that we'd better hope no one tried to pinch our cheeks.:)

  25. Rochelle, I did wear actual Dutch wooden shoes, my Aunt had brought them to me from Holland. I kept them for many years but finally sold them at a yard sale.

  26. Way cool, Nancy. I've never seen wooden shoes.
    Anita, do you have photos? I have to see that one. The most fun costumes are the homemade ones.
    Most creative costume I remember was at a West Hollywood Halloween Parade. A guy had a flat tabletop with a red and white tablecloth on his shoulders. His head was centered on a plate of spaghetti. Utensils and bread dish around him.

  27. Waving at Viv and Liz. Take me out of the contest since I've already read this story, and I have preordered it to download on my kindle. It's a fantastic read.

    Anyway, the best Halloween costume I ever wore was several years ago. My daughter and I waited outside The Regis and Kelly Show one cold October. My son was running the NY marathon the next day, and although we hadn't thought far enough ahead to order tickets, we decided to dress up and see if we could get in.

    She was dressed as the Energizer Bunny, and I wore a prison outfit, complete with an apron, a Martha Stewart magazine and garden tools in the pockets. Yep! It was the year she went to jail.

    We didn't get in, but we did get on television when the cameras came outside to film all the people who had been waiting in line. I still have the VCR! Groan.....

  28. Liz, you crack me up! I need a screenshot from that footage. C'mon! The witty Clueless Cook author as Martha Stewart in jail? PRICELESS!

  29. I'm really looking forward to reading this book. Looks like a fun series. :)
    Most memorable costume would be a dressing as Madonna back in the 80's. It's fun to see the 80's is still alive & going strong as my teenage daughters have asked if they could drag out the "vintage" clothes for Halloween this year.

  30. What a fun post -- and I love all the Halloween costume ideas. I can't remember the last time I donned a costume. Hmm. I'm liking Leigh's "writer's block" one. . .

    I'm really looking forward to reading this book, Rochelle. :)