Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gone to the Dogs

Toby from Denise Swanson's New York Times bestselling Scumble River mystery series shares his thoughts.


My name is Toby. I’m part westie and part poodle—a weepoo. When my human went to the rainbow bridge, a nice lady named Skye rescued me. It was clear Skye had never had a dog before. She tried really hard, but things just didn’t work out with us.

From my first night at her house, there were problems. First, it was the cat. He ordered me to call him Mr. Cat and wouldn’t even tell me his first name. And he wasn’t at all friendly. He wouldn’t share his food or his toys and he didn’t want to sniff butts or anything. Then when Skye went to bed and left me alone, I was bored. I didn’t mean to be a bad doggy, but things got out of hand or should I say paw. She wasn’t too happy the next morning when she saw the mess.

The next day was even worse. She didn’t trust me alone in her house and couldn’t find anyone to take care of me so she brought me to school with her. Sad to say between the school band and a mean guy named Homer, I got into trouble again.

Finally, she found a doggie daycare for me. The owner said her name was Puppy, but she didn’t smell like a dog to me. And she dressed me up in ribbons and bows and painted my claws. It was humiliating.

Thank dog that Skye found a really nice man to take care of me and things got better and better for me. I still miss my first human, but new one has a fenced yard, takes me to work with him, and plays with me. I think I’ve found my forever home.

--Toby appears in Murder of a Creped Suzette


  1. Good luck in your forever home, Toby. Not all cats are mean. Denver, my human's cat companion, is grumpy, but not mean, if ya know what I mean. Happy days are here, when you love your home!

  2. We are very happy in our forever home. A cat likes to sit on our front porch and look through the door at us. What's that about? Willow should let us out so we can herd it and supervise it.

  3. It can be very tough for a dog to make his or her way through life. I'm glad you, and Sally-Forth and Tally-Ho, have found nice homes. In fact, I've just started Dire Threads-escape through unlocked fence and a body. Hope things settle down and forever home is for real.

  4. Glad you've found a great home, Toby. There are so many four-legged friends that need just that. By the way, not all cats are mean. They often have attitude though.

  5. Hi,

    Maybe Mr. Cat wasn't as mean as he seemed. He didn't scratch me or anything, but he definitely didn't like sharing.


  6. Toby, it's very hard to make a cat person into a dog person--they just don't get it! Glad you found the right home...

    Love, Tonka (Lucy Burdette's real life Australian shepherd)