Thursday, November 17, 2011

My hero...

by Avery Baker, from Jennie Bentley's Do It Yourself home renovation mysteries

I met him a few months ago, in April, when Derek and I started renovating the house on Rowanberry Island.

It was a huge white elephant: a 1783 center chimney Colonial with ties to the Revolutionary War and smuggling. It had a hole in the roof big enough to land a helicopter through - all right, so maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but there was a hole there - and it looked like it was made from driftwood, the wood siding so beaten down by wind and salt and snow that it was gray.

And it had a creature living under the porch. A blue creature.

Not Cookie Monster blue. That was just Derek being... Derek. And it wasn't a rat, either. The tail wasn't long enough. I could see that right away. And I don't mind admitting that it was a relief. Considering how long the house had been sitting empty before we bought it, I wouldn't have been surprised to find any kind of vermin.

But this wasn't anything like that. What it was, was a kitten. A blue kitten. Silvery-blue. I found out later that it was called a Russian Blue. Or it was sort of a Russian Blue, anyway. A purebred Russian Blue mixed with an island tomcat.

I brought him home with me, of course, after we finished working on the house. It wasn't like I could leave him there, was it? And yes, I know I have enough cats as it is. Jemmy and Inky weren't happy to have to share their food bowls and territory with an upstart, especially one who wasn't even a Maine Coon. But things worked themselves out over time.

And that hero part?

Last month, when I got myself in trouble again, and a man with a gun came to my house? Mischa saved the day. Saved me. So he's not going anywhere. I'll get rid of Derek before I get rid of Mischa. Or maybe not. But luckily, it doesn't seem to come down to that, since they've started getting along much better now. Mischa doesn't even attack Derek anymore. Much.

I guess he's probably figured out that his position is secure. Consort to the queen. My hero!

So what about you? Any animals in your life? Any heroes?

* * *

Mischa the kitten first appeared in Mortar and Murder, DIY-4, in January of 2011. He's back, and plays a starring role, in DIY-5, Flipped Out, released October 2011.           


  1. My dogs alert me about intruders on their personal space, usually squirrels playing in trees outside. But there was this one time . . .

  2. never underestimate our pint-size friends. Go Mischa.

  3. My younger cat alerts me to the danger of a mouse in the house. He's great at his job, although not called on often to put his abilities to work -- thank goodness. I couldn't do without my two cats. Mischa sounds like a great 'addition'!

  4. Two orphan cats...Spooky and Dr. Watson. Guess who runs the house. Not me! ;-)

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