Saturday, November 12, 2011

Second Chances

by David Frist from Amanda Lee's THREAD RECKONING

Hey, there. I'm David Frist. I used to be engaged to Marcy Singer, who runs that little embroidery shop called the Seven-Year Stitch on the Oregon coast. We were supposed to tie the knot a little over a year ago, and I guess you could say my feet turned to ice the night before the wedding was to take place. I'm not proud of what I did. I know Marcy was really hurt when I bailed on her at the last minute. I couldn't even bring myself to tell her--I had my best man Tony do it. And, man, did he give me a hard time over it!

David, what you did was horrible. Marcy had to come out in her wedding gown--looking gorgeous, I might add--to tell her guests...and yours...that you weren't there. And after an hour of calling everyone and every place we could think of looking for you, you text me to say, "Tell Marcy I'm sorry but I just can't do it, man"? Do you know what a jerk you are?

Needless to say, Tony and I aren't all that close anymore. You're probably thinking I'm a creep too. But after moving from one unsatisfying job to another and going through a string of girls, I realize I had a really good thing with Marcy. In fact, I'm on my way to Oregon to bring her back home to San Francisco where she belongs.... With me.

So what about you? Do you believe in second chances?


  1. I truly believe in second chances, but haven't heard anything in your post to say you deserve one. And the 'string of girls' comment gives me pause... really? I think you just want a break, and you're now remembering the good times with Marcy. I think you need to back off.

  2. I also agree with Victoria. You do not deserve a 2nd chance. The only reason you think you deserve one is that you are arrogant enough to think "if i want it i should have it". Leave Marcy alone....go start your 2nd chance some place else.
    Lori Cimino

  3. I like the saying, 'you should never go back'. It will never be the same as you remember and it sounds like that sameness is what you're wanting. Second chances only work for parolees.
    Move on with your life.

  4. I had a really good thing with Marcy. ...

    Marcy didn't have a good thing with you and never will.

  5. You haven't said a thing about why you had cold feet and how you have changed that. I think you have just run out of things to do and expect Marcy to be there for you. I think she's too smart for that. Go find your second chances elsewhere bub.