Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tap, Tap, Tapping . . .

By Pepper Martin, from the Pepper Martin mysteries by Casey Daniels
That sound you hear? I wasn’t sure at first myself, but I’ve finally figured it out. Happy, dancing feet.

And apparently, it’s no wonder. Casey Daniels, the woman who sometimes recounts my adventures in paranormal mystery solving for the reading public, has finished another of my stories, one that will be published in September of next year.

Weird, isn’t it? I do all the work, and she’s the one who’s happy when she finishes writing about it. Doesn’t sound fair if you ask me, especially since this time, the work I did involved a ghost with an agenda, a surprise visit by a couple people from my past and oh yes, superheroes. Yes, you heard me right.

I live in Cleveland, Ohio, see, and this is where Superman was created. That was back in the 1930s and honestly, though I knew the Man of Steel was part of the local lore, I’ve never actually paid much attention. Until this case, that is. Do you have any idea how valuable some of those old comic books are? I swear, when you find out, it will knock your socks off.

In the meantime, I’m here writing this blog and Casey’s off . . . well, Casey’s off doing whatever it is authors do when they finish a book. I can’t say for sure. I do know last I saw of her, she was smiling.


  1. Hi Pepper,

    Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures, especially those superheroes.

  2. Hey Pepper--she deserves to smile! But you do too--it's teamwork isn't it? Can't wait to read your latest adventure! Love, Hayley

    ps my author Lucy was tapping around this week and all she finished was the ugly first draft!

  3. Perhaps Casey is not just happy but relieved that you've come through your adventures unscathed once again.