Sunday, December 4, 2011

Do you remember when?

By Charlotte Bessette
From LOST AND FONDUE, by Avery Aames

I love December. The rain, the snow, the crisp mornings and chilly nights. I love the decorations that spring up around Providence. We hang snowflakes across the roads, and shop owners decorate their display windows.

At Fromagerie Bessette—what many in town call The Cheese Shop—we were lucky enough to win the devotion of a local toymaker who elected to build something special for our window. He only chooses to create one display window each year. Okay, yes, I might have cheated. I enticed him with a home-delivered basket of his favorite cheeses: Délice de Bourgogne, Fromager d’ Affinois, and a triple crème Brie. He is a softie and likes creamy, scrumptious cheeses. It was Rebecca’s idea. You know Rebecca, my assistant, right? Full of spunk and good humor and sly as the devil, sometimes. She said we needed something eye-catching to lure in tourists. Cooler temperatures in December can keep some away from town. What was the end result, you ask? A mini Ferris Wheel, with a cheese nestling into each bucket seat. He surrounded it with miniature people, all pointing upwards. You should see all the real people, locals and tourists alike, standing outside peering in. The joy on the children’s faces makes my heart sing.

If you can’t make it to Providene right now, I want to remind you that, come February, the whole town will be bustling. That’s when Providence puts on its Winter Wonderland faire, a magical event set in the Village Green, with white tents outlined in twinkling lights, an ice sculpting contest, a chorale, and so much delicious food it makes my mouth water to think about it: hot cocoa, brandy-laced crepes, and more.  At Le Petit Fromagerie Bessette, our little Cheese Shop tent, we’ll be offering all sorts of yummy cheeses, wines, and accoutrements.

I can’t wait. Sometimes the faire feels like a reunion. People who used to live in Providence return to get a taste of their past and drink in the fun they have missed.

I wonder if anyone I know will return this year? Let me rephrase that…anyone I know AND like.  LOL.

Have you ever gone to a reunion? Was it everything you hoped it would be?


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  1. Hmmm. I wheely hope no one finds your window decorations cheese-y. ;-)

  2. I went to a 75th anniversary of my elementary school a few years back. It had been a few years since I'd been to my home town and I was overwhelmed by the many faces and neighbors I met. Had an amazing time! Sometimes it's good to take a trip into the past. Good luck with your festivities!

  3. Thanks, Janet and Erika. Janet, you made me LOL. And Erika, a reunion for elementary school. What a great idea. I think I'll tell my pal Meredith to put something like that together. It won't be nearly as prestigious as yours. We're only out 20-something years, but fun!

  4. I've never heard of an elementary school reunion! That sounds like fun!

    Can't wait for your Winter Wonderland faire. Why do I think someone from your past will show up?

    ~ Krista

  5. Reading Lost & Fondue now, with the unexpected arrival of someone you didn't want to see. Hope there are no more unpleasant returnees this holiday.

  6. Hmm, I hope it someone you like from your past that comes to town, but somehow I don't think so.

  7. Krista, Sometimes you just get a feeling don't you?
    ~ Charlotte

    Dru, you're a sky one, aren't you? Lol

    Liz, sometimes we don't get to pick who we run into, do we? If only we could. I've heard it would be fun to meet a movie star.