Wednesday, January 4, 2012


By Charlotte Bessette
From LOST AND FONDUE, by Avery Aames

It's the new year and I'm very excited. There are so many things to be thankful for. Jordan and I are growing closer. The twins are growing up. My grandparents are in good health.

Fromagerie Bessette, or The Cheese Shop as the locals call it, is thriving. Over the past year, we've had tons of cheese tastings, and my cousin Matthew has put on some fabulous wine seminars. I learned about the deliciousness of the 2009 crop of Pinot Noirs. Have you tasted any? Yum. I also discovered a few new American cheeses from a number of reps around the country, all of which I'm sharing with my customers. A few locals, others from Vermont and Wisconsin, and others from as far away as Oregon, California, and Alabama. Delish.

But I digress...

Providence itself is thriving. My friend Meredith wants to create a liberal arts college in Providence. Wouldn't that be fabulous? Higher learning right in our very midst? We have so many colorful, educated people in town. I know they'll embrace the idea.

Oh, and I've been taking more yoga classes, which has helped me stretch and work on my breathing. At times I get so busy, busy that I forget to breathe. I feel that way after the holidays, don't you? December is hurry, hurry, hurry for about four weeks straight, and then the whole season is over and it's time to remove the decorations, clean the house, clean the closets. I have to admit that it's about this time of year that my sense of humor fails me, and I find that my teeth are clenched. You couldn't get them open even with the jaws of life.

Breathe, I hear my yoga teacher saying. Breathe. (Yeah, right!) Close your eyes and count backwards from ten. That seems to help.

Life just doesn't seem to stop hopping, does it? [grin]

Oh, did I mention that my grandmother is getting ready to prepare the town for the Winter Faire, a twinkling, magical event set in the Village Green? It's so lovely, especially if it snows. There will be an ice sculpting contest and a fun new play at the Providence Playhouse. The twins will sing at a concert, too.

Do you think you could make a plan to visit the town to enjoy the event? We would love to have you.


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Rush Creek Reserve
PS: In case you're interested, some of my favorites include Manchego (always a go-to cheese). And Fromage d'Affinois. (Heavenly). And Délice de Bourgogne (creamy goodness from France). Bayley Hazen Blue (Jasper Hill's flagship cheese - Vermont). And a new one, Rush Creek Reserve (from Wisconsin, wrapped in bark). What are yours?

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  1. I'd just love to visit Providence in person, Charlotte. I so enjoy visiting it in between the covers, and under the covers on these cold nights. Looking forward to the third in the series!

  2. Winter Faire... what a great way to 'repurpose' Christmas lights that are still up!!

  3. Erika, I love hearing that. I love to share stories!

    Victoria, that made me laugh. Repurpose Christmas lights! I guess that's what we're doing. And having a ton of fun!


  4. Thanks, Charlotte! I'll be there for the cheese tastings!

  5. I would love to visit Providence and see the Winter Faire.