Monday, January 2, 2012

India Hayes’s New Year’s Resolutions

By India Hayes from Amanda Flower’s Murder in a Basket

I’m a tad reluctant to write this list because let’s face it New Year’s Resolutions are made to be broken. However, I willing to give it a shot because it’s clear my life can be a little overwhelming at times.

  1. Learn to say “no” and not feel guilty about it. I don’t have volunteer at every event my hippy parents host or do all of Bobby’s, my best friend and fellow librarian’s, work.
  2. Stay as far away from Provost Lepcheck, my boss at Martin College, as possible.
  3. Exercise. Chasing Ina Carroll, my landlady, does not count.
  4. Convince Ina to remove some of the leprechauns from our shared front lawn. One or two at least. I’m tired of folks slowing down to gawk at the duplex when they drive up the street.
  5. Stop worrying about my brother Mark. He’s a grown up and should be able to take care of himself… I think.
  6. Don’t let Carmen, my older sister, boss me around… as much.
  7. Paint more.
  8. Read more. How many great mysteries did I miss in 2011 because I was preoccupied by real life killers? Also, I might pick up a few crime-solving tips.
  9. Try not to blush every time I see Detective Mains. He’s cute, so what? Get a hold of yourself, girl.
  10. Participate in more arts and crafts fairs. The Stripling Founders’ Day Festival is coming up, so that might be a good place to start…

Find out how I do in Murder in a Basket releasing February 8, 2012. Wishing you all a safe and healthy 2012 with good books and laughter!


Amanda Flower writes the India Hayes Mystery Series. The first novel in the series, MAID OF MURDER, was nominated for an Agatha Award. The sequel, MURDER IN A BASKET, releases February 2012. First in a new series, A PLAIN DEATH, coming July 2012. To learn more visit Amanda online at You can also follow Amanda at and


  1. Safe, healthy, good books, and laughter. Great wishes, India, thanks!

  2. Resolutions are good, keeping them is difficult! Good luck, India.

  3. Great resolutions! Good luck in the New Year, India!