Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wild, Wild Sunday

By Pepper Martin, world’s only PI to the dead and star of the Pepper Martin mysteries by Casey Daniels
So it’s Super Bowl Sunday and while Casey Daniels is off at some party or another, she left me here to work. Hardly seems fair, does it? I mean, I’m the one who does the bulk of the work to begin with, what with solving mysteries for the ghosts in the cemetery where I work. All Casey does is write about my adventures.

No matter. I will get my revenge. The woman forgets that I have access to her credit cards, and the house to myself all day. Shoes. I’m dreaming of shoes.

Which means I’ll get this posted now. Then I can relax (and shop) to my heart’s content.

Casey wants everyone who lives in the northeast Ohio area to know that she’s got a book launch party for my newest story, "Wild, Wild Death" coming up this Saturday, February 11, and you’re all invited.

Where: Something Different Gallery
1899 West 25th Street
Cleveland, Ohio

When: Saturday, February 11

She says to tell you there will be lots of fun people, and wine. Oh yes, she told me to be sure to mention the wine.

If you can’t make it to the party and would like a signed copy of "Wild, Wild Death" or any of the other books that feature little ol’ me, call: 216-696-5226. The people at the gallery will even gift wrap for you, and believe me, their wrapping is divine!

Wear your cowboy boots! "Wild, Wild Death" tells the story of my trip to the great Southwest along with the Pueblo Indian ghost whose body I had to er . . . appropriate to save a friend from kidnappers. Yes, it’s a long story. That’s why you need to read the book!


  1. Wine? There will be wine? Okay, I admit, your ghost friends intrigue me. They're lucky you can help them solve their problems, but their killers probably don't like you so much.

    ~ Nina Reid Norwood

  2. Absolutely, Nina, though I have to say, sometimes my ghostly "buddies" can be more annoying than the bad guys! As for the wine . . . hey, what's a party (or a fancy art gallery) without libations?