Friday, February 3, 2012

Dizzy Izzy

Izzy McHale, Packer, and Jinx
by Izzy McHale
from Annie Knox's Pet Boutique Mysteries

Dizzy Izzy.  I earned the nickname in third grade, when my best friend Rena Hamilton challenged me to a spinning contest, and I ended up getting sick all over Sean Tucker.  I was literally dizzy.  But the name stuck, and it grew to mean ditzy dizzy.

Dorky dizzy.

Dumb dizzy.

I'll be turning 32 this month, and I'm still Dizzy Izzy.

Since my fiance left me last month, I've been a bit lost.  In fact, I feel a lot like I did that day on the playground: wobbly, unmoored, and nauseated.  I need something to sink myself into, something to keep me occupied so I don't drive myself nutso trying to figure out where exactly my life went wrong.  I've been spending my days working at the Merryville Gift Haus (which happens to be two floors below my apartment) and sewing critter couture for my cat Jinx and Packer -- the dog Casey left behind when he ran off to New York without me.

It's not quite the fashion-industry job I imagined for myself, but I like dressing up the pets.  They don't care whether they look fat or not, and I can use all the pink and purple and polka dots I want.

I've been thinking about selling my creations in the Gift Haus.  Ingrid--my landlady and boss--is gung ho.  When I've mentioned it to my family, though ... well, they say things like "What a great idea!" and "Super!"  But what I hear is "Aw, isn't that cute?  Dizzy Izzy's going to sew itty bitty outies for the puppies and kitties!"  My sister Lucy doesn't even pretend to support the concept.  She's flat-out told me that everyone's being nice.  They think it's a silly hobby.

And they think I'm a silly girl.

So I'm going to have to prove them wrong.  Look out, Merryville.  Dizzy Izzy's on the move!

* * *

Annie Knox's first Pet Boutique Mystery will be out in early 2013.  Until then, join Annie on Facebook!


  1. Good luck Dizzy the name :-)

  2. Pink and purple polka dots sound great. And don't forget the rhinestones, beads, and sequins.

  3. You go Izzy! And don't let anyone tell you there's no life after a rotten guy leaves...hang in there because things always get better! xo Hayley Snow

  4. Go get 'em, Izzy. I think it's a great idea and you know that pet owners love dressing up their pets. Got anything that says 'pampered cat', with jewels on it?

  5. Good luck, Izzy! Don't let them stop you. I've been trying to get a national TV show, and it's going to happen one of these days. Hold your head high and go for your dreams!

  6. Love the character name and the whole premise, can't wait for the book! Good luck!

  7. Thank you all for stopping by ... I can't wait for you to read all about Izzy, her shop, and her sleuthing!

  8. I love your name Izzy....and I can't wait to read all about you and what happens to cause you to d some sleuthing.