Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's Heart Time!

By Lizzie Turner from A Killer Read, the first in the Ashton Corners Book Club mysteries, coming April, 2012

Is it too soon for me to be going on about Valentine’s Day? Y’all know it’s just a week away and if you’re like me, the challenge isn’t so much WHO to give a Valentine to, but rather WHAT to give that special person.

This is the first year in more years than I want to remember, that I’ll have an honest-to-goodness Valentine. He’s already stolen my heart but I think I’ll give him a heart-shaped card, anyway. What’s Valentine’s Day without one?

I remember the fun we used to have in elementary school. The teacher would set aside a half-hour before recess for us to distribute cards to each other. In those days it was strongly suggested (by my mama, for one) that everyone give cards to everyone else in the class. That way, nobody felt left out or unwanted. What a great idea that was, although there were always ways to show who was really ‘special’ to you.

My best friend Paige and I always exchanged the biggest cards we could find. And the year Bobby Denton sat behind me and used to pull my ponytail, he gave me a heart card with a picture of his pet frog pasted inside. I kept that one for years.

And Bradshaw (Brat for short) Sherman squeezed a small gooey chocolate heart inside the envelope with his card. I practiced writing ‘Lizzie Sherman’, Lizzie and Bradshaw, Bradshaw and Lizzie Sherman, Mrs. Bradshaw Sherman over and over again. I was nine. Fortunately, I grew up and grew independent. But I must admit, I did try writing ‘Lizzie Dreyfus’ … just once!

Now, I’ll have to think up a good gift to give Police Chief Mark Dreyfus, along with the card. Any suggestions?

What what was the most memorable gift you ever received for Valentine Day?

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  1. I think you should give your cop kissing coupons... hehehe!

  2. Love it! And, what ongoing fun. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I wouldn't turn down some homemade fudge . . .

  4. Me neither....good and tasty thought!