Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Holliday's Blueberry Acres

by Henry 'Doc' Holliday from TOWN IN A WILD MOOSE CHASE, a Candy Holliday Murder mystery by B.B. Haywood

My name is Henry Holliday, but everyone in town calls me 'Doc'. I am a retired Professor.

I bought Hollidays Blueberry Acres in Cape Willington, Maine, after my wife Holly passed away. I dreamt of owning a blueberry farm, and Cape Willington had the beauty and history I was looking for. The views are out of this world gorgeous, and the historic landmarks go along with them. Sure, I had my problems when I moved to town. Jock Larson for one, and maybe some fights over a primo parking space in front of Duffy's Diner. Jock had an unexpected death, a nosedive off a cliff, murdered. That's where 'Pumpkin' comes in. That is my daughter Candy Holliday. She moved in with me a few years ago to help run the farm and start a new life for herself.

It turns out she has pretty good instincts when it comes to sleuthing. She solved the Jock Larson murder case. I worry about her out there following her intuition and the few leads she gets. There have been four murders in the past two years. She had a close call on top of the Pruitt Opera House, and another at the English Point Lighthouse.

She also got the job as Community Correspondent for the local paper, The Cape Crier. That gets her into more trouble. For one thing, she kept the old files belonging to Sapphire Vine, town gossip, and elected Blueberry Queen in 2010. The information in those files will always spell trouble. Especially since Sapphire was one of our murder victims. Then Candy made an enemy of wannabe town owner Wanda Boyle. I don't see an end to a Father's worry.

And she is dating her boss. Ben is a nice guy , but should she?


  1. sounds like pumpkin is a handful :-) Good luck!

  2. Eat more blueberries. They're supposed to be good for everything, right?

  3. So difficult for a dad, right? All you can do is hope for the best and be there for her, doc!

  4. Murder everywhere~I thought pancakes were soothing. And Pumpkin, no (multiple times). Get a life away from work.

  5. Never a good idea to date the boss. I expect trouble!

    ~ Krista

  6. i can't wait to read the new book!